Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 778

Usually after Yang Shirou finished work, Yan Junhao would come to pick her up. Thus, when Lu Jingli suggested sending her home, Yang Shirou naturally rejected immediately, indicating that she had made plans with a girl friend and wanted to wait for her to come over.

So, Lu Jingli left first.

When in reality, Lu Jingli did not leave at all. He waited in a dark corner instead.

Very quickly, a Porsche drove over to the car park.

Yan Junhao got down from the car and walked over to pick Yang Shirou up as usual. He even kissed her lips affectionately before asking, "Was work tiring?"

"Lu Jingli! Time for you to take action! This performance is all about the eyes. You must pretend to be very shocked and so heartbroken that you cannot believe you have lost the love of your life. Be extra dramatic! Understand?" Ning Xi reminded repeatedly.

Lu Jingli pursed his mouth and rolled his eyes at her. "Why don't you switch careers to be a director?"

"Because I'm afraid that there will be too many actors like you, then I would die of anger!"

"Hey! My performance is clearly good, okay?"

"Okay, okay, okay, it's very good for a first timer! Go, quickly! They're about to finish kissing!" Ning Xi agitatedly pushed him out.

He really was not that good at acting! He had obviously dated many times before, but he was like someone who had no dating experience and had no heartfelt emotions at all! People could obviously tell from one look that he was the kind to mess around with girls only! No wonder all the girls only wanted to have one-night stands with him...

Lu Jingli followed exactly as per the prepared script and dropped the car keys in his hand, then looked at the scene before him in disbelief...

A pained expression crossed his face. He looked like he had just found his true love, but realized that his true love had already found the love of her life.

When she saw Lu Jingli, Yang Shirou's expression paled. She obviously did not expect Lu Jingli to leave and then return again...

"Hey! I'm letting you be dramatic, but not that dramatic. Your eyes are too wide and your performance is not convincing enough. Don't continue to stand there, you will be exposed. Quickly turn around and leave!" Ning Xi urged.

Finally, it ended...

In the car, Lu Jingli slumped onto the car seat like a dead dog. "Acting is so hard, so hard...I feel like my body has been hollowed out..."

"Of course, this is a skilled job."

"What else do I have to do tomorrow?"

"The foundations have been laid enough, so you don't have to do anything tomorrow. Just keep her hanging. The day after tomorrow, we will finish the final scene and then we'll be done."

"Thank you, Director Ning!"

"Good boy, I'll give you an additional drumstick for the boxed rice later."


At night, when Ning Xi had just returned to the apartment and parked her car, she unexpectedly saw two familiar people outside.

Those two people being intimate under the lamp post...looked like Ning Xueluo and Su Yan.

Ning Xueluo already seldom stayed at this apartment. After History became popular, she had immediately bought a bungalow and rarely came back. Who'd have known she would meet them today?

"Su Yan, my father said that after this fashion press conference, he will use the opportunity to suggest to my grandfather to let me enter the company. The last time Father mentioned it, Grandfather was already unhappy about it. This time, he said he is worried if Grandfather would be even angrier since, after all, he seems to still be waiting for my sister..." Ning Xueluo asked, distressed.

"How can that be? When Grandfather sees how excellent you've been, he will definitely change his mind!"

Ning Xueluo sighed, "Actually, I don't really want to go. After all, with my identity, I'm in an awkward position. But I can't bear to reject my father. I have already rejected many times before this and I'm afraid that Father will be disappointed. Besides, I do sincerely wanted to share the burden with my father and grandfather, but..."

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