Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 782

Qin Shengyue suddenly understood but she was even more suspicious. "Is it that easy?"

She was not tooting her own horn but based on Yan Junhao's qualifications, he was only one step away from being in the top percentile of most handsome and successful men around. There was no way Yang Shirou could easily be seduced by another man...

"Everything is possible!" Ning Xi simply said.

Qin Shengyue did not want to hear any more about the woman either, so she didn't pursue the matter. She just looked at Ning Xi and said, "It doesn't matter how you did it. I will fulfill my promise to you. Even if your designs are like dog shit, I will wear them."

Ning Xi's expression darkened. "I know we did this under the table and not very transparently, but our designer is talented and capable!"

Then, she gave her a folder. Inside it was an introduction to their studio and Gong Shangze's portfolio, including some of his work. Qin Shengyue took it from her and simply skimmed through it. Slowly, her expression changed to one of wonder. "You're the studio that won the Golden Award?"


"I've not been paying attention to what's happening outside in the past few days because of my husband. But the latest Golden Award winner...is quite interesting...how is your designer related to David? Why do the styles look so similar? It's like it's the same person...but possibly in different phases. David's style is slightly underdeveloped but full of passion and life, whereas ZX's has more volume and explosive power," Qin Shengyue analyzed.

She was indeed a professional! Ning Xi nodded excitedly. "I can't say anything now but one day, the truth will be made known to the world."

Qin Shengyue gave it some thought, then closed the folder and asked, "Since you guys have already gotten the Golden Award, why are you still worried about not getting business? Why do you have to use such ways to get to me?"

Ning Xi scratched her head as she tried to explain, "On one hand, it's market saturation we are being challenged with. Even you can see that our style overlaps with History's. On the other hand, we haven't found a suitable sales manager for the time being. Some other studios' designers also do sales, but our designer is one of those whose heart is focused on designing only. Plus, we don't want him to be distracted either..."

Qin Shengyue's rapped her knuckles on the table, then said, "I'll give you one then."

"Huh?" Ning Xi blinked. "Give...give me? Give me what?"

"Give you a person, my marketing department's trump card," Qin Shengyue said casually.

"Pfft!" Ning Xi almost spat her coffee onto the woman across her. "You can even give a person? Sis, you're being too generous, aren't you?"

"Why not? Do you want this offer? If not, it's fine!"

"Wait, wait...let me ask first, the one you want to give us...is it a man or a woman?"

"Is there a difference?" Qin Shengyue asked.

Ning Xi nodded vigorously. "Of course, there's a difference! If it's a man, then forget it!"

"Why?" Qin Shengyue did not understand.

Why, obviously it was because she was afraid the devil would get jealous!

The last time when she had picked up Gong Shangze, Lu Tingxiao had gone crazy. He would go off the charts if she took in another man!

"Because my designer has a peculiarity. He can't come up with designs when he sees men," Ning Xi replied, using Gong Shangze as an excuse.

Qin Shengyue laughed out loud. What an unexpectedly queer reason! Nevertheless, she did understand. Many designers also had unknown oddities. "Don't worry, it's a woman."

Ning Xi was relieved. "Then, yes! Yes, yes, yes! I want her in!"

If it was a woman, then there would definitely not be an issue...uhh...it shouldn't be an issue, right?!

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