Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 785

"Oh, Brother! Take care of your wife! That woman Qin gave your wife a person, a person, a person!"

Ning Xi kicked him, "It's a woman!"

"Oh, she's given your wife a woman, a woman, a woman!"

Ning Xi was annoyed now. "She gave me a marketing trump card to help me manage marketing and sales! And it's a female!"

Lu Jingli condescendingly scoffed, "Is there a difference to you whether it's a man or a woman?"

Ning Xi gave him a hard stare, then picked up a soft piece of braised pork before she ran towards Lu Tingxiao who was going through some documents in the living room. "Ah..."

Lu Tingxiao looked at her, then opened his mouth. The braised pork melted in his mouth and it was very tasty. He was not sure how she did it but it did not feel greasy at all.

Lu Tingxiao never had a thing for food, but ever since he had tried her dishes, he started to understand why Lu Jingli loved eating delicious food so much.

After Ning Xi finished feeding him, she softly swore beside Lu Tingxiao, "Big Boss, don't listen to him spout nonsense. There is definitely no difference between men or women to me. To me, there are only two types of genders: one is everyone else and the other is you!"

Lu Jingli made the action of bending over to vomit. "Ughhh! Save your sweet words, my brother is not that gullible!"

Lu Tingxiao responded with a grunt and Lu Jingli was speechless.

Lu Tingxiao gently reminded her, "This person was, after all, immediately transferred to you from Qin Shengyue, so you have to pay attention and observe her yourself. Marketing is not a child's game. However, if she is really Qin Shengyue's trump card, then her capabilities will definitely not be a problem. Give me a copy of her resume later on and I'll help you take a look."

Ning Xi nodded, "Okay, okay! Thank you, my dear!"

Lu Jingli had no words. How did it end up like this? He still wanted to retain his appetite!

"Hey! Little Treasure, put down my glutinous rice with pork ribs!" He had only been distracted for a short while when he noticed half a plate of his favorite dish being eaten by Little Treasure. Lu Jingli felt like his heart had been stabbed.

Little Treasure blinked before he swallowed another bite without hesitation.

"Oh, my heart hurts..." Lu Jingli was prepared to protect his pork ribs to death when a golden head suddenly popped in through the door.

Jiang Muye had just finished work and was prepared to go home when he was tempted by the aroma of food. "Hey! What are you guys doing? Preparing to pray? It's not even the new year. Why is the grand feast?"

Jiang Muye removed his black face mask and directly picked up a salt and pepper prawn with his hands. At such feasts, chopsticks were irrelevant.

One taste and he knew it was Ning Xi's work.

Jiang Muye's eyes instantly shone. "Uncle, can I leech on this meal?"

"No!" Lu Jingli was about to have a breakdown. "Why is there another person here to fight for food with me!? These are all mine! All exchanged using my blood, sweat, and beauty!"

"Huh? Beauty?"

"That's not the main point. The main point is...are you sure you want to leech on this meal? You will be force-fed dog food!" Lu Jingli used his killer card.

Jiang Muye took a look at the two of them on the sofa, then sat right down. "No big deal, I'll just eat with my eyes closed!"

Many days had passed and he had finally calmed down quite a bit. Some things could not be evaded forever.

Lu Jingli was speechless.

The table was a whirlwind of chaos as they gorged themselves on the food.

Ning Xi was initially worried that she had cooked too much, but as she watched Jiang Muye and Lu Jingli inhaling all of it, she was not worried anymore...

Halfway through, another person entered.

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