Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 788

"Ah, ah, hmm...."

Ning Xi shot Jiang Muye a mean look, then covered Han Momo's mouth before she could say any further. "Calm down."

Ning Xi glared at Han Momo, who looked so excited she was about to pass out. Han Momo lowered her voice and said, "Jiang Muye! Is it really Jiang Muye? Aaaaaaaaaaaah! My God! Sis Xi, are you really a couple with Jiang Muye off-screen? I'm a fan of this relationship! I feel like the two of you are a really good fit for each other, aaaaah! Get together!"

Jiang Muye leaned his arm on the chair and tilted his head, happy to hear this, "Hey, it's rare that you've got a girl with a good eye. Do you have a pen?"

"Ah, no! What to do, what to do? I'll go out to buy one!" Han Momo was frantic.

"I have one." Gong Shangze brought pen and paper with him wherever he went.

Jiang Muye took the pen and paper before casually signing it.

Han Momo was so emotional that she almost fainted, then she gave the paper to Ning Xi and pleaded, "Sis Xi, Sis Xi! I want yours too!"

Ning Xi was speechless, but she gave her her autograph anyway.

Then, she saw that Han Momo had actually...drawn a huge heart shape around her and Jiang Muye's names...

She never would have thought that there was such a huge shipper of Jiang Muye and her beside her...this was truly mystical...

"Shangze, who's your favorite celebrity?"

"Me? I don't really have any celebrity I especially like! Sis Xi, are you counted?"

"Hahaha, of course!"

There were a few more minutes to the movie starting. The theatre was practically a full house.

After all, the two protagonists of this movie were one of the most popular stars at the moment. Besides, there was Jiang Muye, who was a box office guarantee. Even if he only had a supporting role, hundreds of his fans were already showing off their tickets online.

Ning Xi could be considered as the only new rookie in the movie.

Finally, the screen's advertisement ended, and the movie began.

Ning Xi took a deep breath, "Woo, I'm nervous..."

After all, this was the first day of her first movie.

Even though "The World" was strong in terms of investment nor lineup, other movies were released today as well, such Su Yimo's "Starry Sea", a famous comedy director's "Joyful Occasion", and another Hollywood movie...one could say that the screens were crowded with masters of the industry, so the competition was tight!

The first scene was Ning Xueluo's character, Superior Yingrong, being chased after for murder. The plot was exciting and tense, hooking everyone into the story instantly. Many fans of Ning Xueluo were softly screaming in excitement.

Following this, the movie followed the two protagonists. Superior Yingrong accidentally saved the male protagonist and was forced to enter the palace to avoid getting murdered, and she started to fight off all sorts of people with the male lead...

Actually, this was considered a movie with a strong female lead. Superior Yingrong's character was very outstanding and easily attracted fans. Her life story was tragic, yet she was smart like a female Zhu Geliang [1]. At last, because of her identity, she could not become the male protagonist's queen and had become the most important female prime minister of the Daqing dynasty...

The female lead was a cool role and she obviously needed a good complement. Ning Xi's role as the supporting evil character was undoubtedly meant to complete Ning Xueluo.

At last, Han Momo wanted to scold Ning Xi for being such a hateful character on-screen. "Sis Xi, you're so good at acting..."

She had really attracted lots of haters.

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