Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 789

Ning Xi giggled a little. She was quite happy listening to all the curses towards Meng Changge. "Thank you for all your praises."

However, very quickly, when the plot reached the second half of the movie, the images started to reveal Meng Changge's memories. When they slowly deciphered Meng Changge's identity, the audience's attitude had an obvious and magical change towards the character...

"Ooh! Jiang Muye is so handsome!"

"Meng Changge's male disguise is also very interesting! I thought that with her looks, a male outfit would definitely be very striking!"

"Who knew that Jiang Muye's portrayal of a weak scholarly character would be so up in the feels!? I really feel like pushing him over!"


As they said that, on screen, Meng Changge had really tied up Jiang Muye and pushed him over in her boudoir.

"Eh? Doctor Sun, you're blushing! You actually take a fancy to me, don't you? How about we just straight up turn raw grains into cooked rice [1]? Isn't that a good idea?"

Shrieks and roaring laughter were heard across the cinema.

"Oh my God! Ah! This is the part in the trailer where Muye gets tied up! I have waited for this for so long!"

It was the first time Jiang Muye watched the show as part of the audience and he could not help but rub his nose and felt a little restless.

Ning Xi was happy watching her performance. "Aiya, I'm too good at acting as a gangster, don't you think so, Blondie?"

"My ass! You're not even acting! You are already a gangster!"

After this scene was Ning Xi and Jiang Muye's first kiss scene at the lantern festival, and the crowd's reaction had been even crazier than they expected.

Those shrieks were about to blow the entire roof off...

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm falling in love with this couple!"

"How can they be so cute!? Oh, my young heart! It's melting! Melting!"

"To tell you the truth, I always thought that Jiang Muye has acted in so many lead roles as an overbearing, affectionate CEO, but none of his roles was heartfelt. I couldn't even tell how much he loved the female lead. But in this one, I actually saw love through his eyes!"

"In fact, it's the kind that's suppressed, hidden, and buried deep in the corner of his heart. The kind of strong love that wants to be expressed, but one that doesn't have the courage, and one that just can not be made known!"


As she listened to all the discussions around her about being a good fit with Jiang Muye, Ning Xi was incredibly grateful that the devil was not present, or else...

The show would probably be taken down...

Jiang Muye looked gloomy. "My ass, how was I not heartfelt? I was always pouring my emotions into the role!"

Also, what did they mean by "suppressed, hidden, buried deep in the corner of the heart, a strong love that wants to be expressed but it didn't have the courage or could just be made known"? Could these people's eyes not be so...poisonous...

Ning Xi tapped his shoulders. "Don't struggle anymore. The audience's eyes are crystal clear, you have really improved a lot for this film. The way you played with your different gazes was much better! Even I felt your love for me!"

Jiang Muye was speechless. He was not sure whether he should be relieved or disappointed after listening to Ning Xi's serious analysis...

In the entire movie, the audience was probably most reactive to the scene of Ning Xi with Guan Xiaoqi.

When Ning Xi announced her real identity was Meng Changge in front of Guan Xiaoqi, who acted as Princess Xian, a flashback played. This flashback was unexpectedly the scene where Jiang Muye had been shot by a million arrows and died in front of Ning Xi...

The entire cinema was dead silent.

A moment later, the sound of choked sobs was heard...

Ning Xi made a brief observation that for this movie, about 90 percent of people had cried, including the men. Han Momo, who was beside her, was bawling her eyes out.

"Oh, how horrible...can the military doctor not die? He will be resurrected later, right?"

Jiang Muye was in a bad mood, so he spoiled the story relentlessly. "No, he's actually dead."

Once he said that, Han Momo started wailing. Ning Xi consoled Han Momo while she shot Jiang Muye a mean stare...

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