Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 794

David quickly denied, "Impossible! That garment was our final piece at the Milan fashion week..."

Episodes like these kept happening and Ning Xueluo could not hold it in anymore. She shouted sternly, "No wonder Qin Shengyue said you were unchanging. Don't you have other designs?"

"But I only chose that piece to be safe.."

Even though David was saying this, internally, he had started to panic.

He could say it was a random coincidence the last time, but then after seeing Spirit's other designs this round, his guilt-driven fear had started to increase.

After all, everything he owned now was actually stolen. The more glory and praise he accepted in the day, the more fear he had about losing all of this at night...

Most importantly, he was seriously deficient in design drafts. Although he had secretly recruited a big group of people to emulate Gong Shangze's style, even if the works were emulated perfectly, the products could never compare to the original...

This could not do. He had to investigate thoroughly who that ZX actually was!

The more he saw that person's work, the more he was afraid. He even had the illusion that it was indeed Gong Shangze's designs.

But how could that be? There was no way Gong Shangze could have risen from the ashes. Besides, his designs could not reach that higher state...


At night, after the events ended, David was in a bad mood and had left alone, ditching Ning Xueluo.

Just as he was about to get into his car, he unexpectedly saw from the corner of his eye, the figure that appeared in his nightmares every night.

Gong...Gong Shangze!

David was frightened stiff. Just as he was about to go closer, that person had already gotten into the car and disappeared from his line of sight.

David only calmed down after the car left for a long time. He must have been too tensed, he must have...

That person's appearance and hairdo were so fashionable. How could it be Gong Shangze who was so often slovenly dressed?

Inside the car that left earlier, Ning Xi looked in the rearview mirror and asked, "That person opposite was David, wasn't it? Did he recognize you?"

Gong Shangze obviously noticed too, and he forced a smile, "I don't think so. After all, even I can't recognize myself with my current look."

Ning Xi nodded. "You're right..."

Han Momo looked curious. "How did Director Gong look before this?"

"It's best if you don't know, it will ruin your fantasy." Just as she spoke, her phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number.

Ning Xi picked it up in doubt. "Hello?"

"Miss!!!" Just as it got through, an agitated voice spoke.

Ning Xi hesitated. "You are...Mother Wu?" The only people who would address her like this was the old servant by Grandfather's side.

"Yes! It's me! Miss, quickly go to the hospital! Master has been admitted to the hospital!" Mother Wu's tone sounded incredibly sorrowful.


Ning Xi parked her car by the roadside with a screech. Her face was pale. "How's Grandfather?"

"Master suddenly fainted at home. The doctor said that he might not make it this time...I saw that the Young Masters had not informed you, so I decided to just make this call. The person Master wants to see the most would definitely be you..." Mother Wu's tone sounded like she really wanted her to see him one last time.

"How did this happen? Which hospital is it? I'll rush right over!"

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