Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 799

"Don't worry, come in first, then talk." Lu Tingxiao quickly brought her in, sat her down on the sofa, then poured a glass of hot milk for her.

Ning Xi held the glass of milk and stared at it blankly for quite a while before she said with determination. "My grandfather is most worried about me, Lu Tingxiao. I want to find...or rent a guy to pretend to be my boyfriend and let my grandfather meet him, so he would feel assured."

"Why don't you bring me?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Uhh...bring...you?" Ning Xi was stunned.

Lu Tingxiao did not look too happy. Did she not even think of him at all?

Ning Xi quickly reacted and said, "Um, what I mean is that if I brought you...my grandfather probably wouldn't be assured, but shocked instead..."

"At such a moment, he wouldn't believe you even more if you brought someone else over. You can only bring me." Lu Tingxiao tone was firm.

"Mmm...is that so?"

"If you don't bring me, who else would you bring?" Lu Tingxiao looked at her to ask.

Ning Xi looked at him weakly., "Should I be honest?"


Ning Xi scratched her head. "Actually...I wanted to bring Xi Shiqing over to help cover up since his identity is more suitable, plus Grandfather has always quite liked him, thus..."

Before she could finish, Ning Xi could already feel a sense of danger. She quickly held onto Lu Tingxiao's arm and said, "Hey, I think Grandfather would definitely like you more! Let's go, I'll bring you over tomorrow!"

Lu Tingxiao shot her a look.

Of course, he knew her concern was logical. With his identity, it would be hard for the elder to believe that he was sincere. There might even be a possibility that he wouldn't accept him.

"I will settle whatever you're worried about." Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl and gave her his reassurance.

"Sadly, a boyfriend can immediately be brought over, but the wish for a great-grandchild cannot be fulfilled..." Ning Xi looked sad as she mumbled, "Even if I started making one now, I wouldn't make it in time!"

As Ning Xi said this, she suddenly thought of something and excitedly stood up, "Lu Tingxiao, uhh...can you lend me Little Treasure?"

"No need."

"Ah? What do you mean? You're not lending?"

"No need to lend, he's yours, to begin with."

Ning Xi was so touched that she started to tear up. "I'm not sure if what I'm doing is right...but I know...that if I don't do anything, I would definitely regret it..."

There was no way she would let her grandfather pass away with regrets and without peace of mind...


Thus, the next morning, Ning Xi brought Lu Tingxiao and the little bun to the hospital.

Lu Tingxiao had probably arranged beforehand. The ward area was extremely quiet without any random people around. A doctor personally led them upstairs.

"Doctor, how's my grandfather? Is he better today?" Ning Xi asked anxiously.

The doctor shook his head heavily. "Very terrible, he remains in a daze. If the situation continues to worsen like this, I'm afraid...within the next two days..."

"What?" Ning Xi suddenly changed in expression.

She was initially hesitating about whether to lie to her grandfather about Little Treasure, but now, she could not care so much anymore.

Ning Xi took a deep breath and pushed the door into the ward.

"Grandfather, I've come to see you!"

On the sick bed, the elder's spirit looked worse than yesterday. When he heard Ning Xi's voice, he only lifted up his eyes slightly. "Xiao Xi..."

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