Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 800

"Grandfather, it's me..."

Ning Xi walked up to the bed. "I'm sorry, Grandfather, I've actually been keeping something a secret from you. I've met someone I like. In fact, we're already together, but because of my work, I can't publicize it, so I never told anyone. Today, I've specially brought him over for you to meet..."

The elder did not have much energy to open his eyes. A moment later, he slowly asked, "How much...did you spend?"


"How much money did you spend to rent?"

"Uhh...Grandfather, I didn't rent him! This really is my boyfriend!" Ning Xi was a little speechless.

No wonder Lu Tingxiao said that if she brought someone else, Grandfather would not believe her even more...

The elder sighed, "I know that you just want to make sure I have a peace of mind, you don't actually need to..."

"Grandfather, I really didn't rent him! If you don't believe, I'll prove to you..." Ning Xi said as she pulled Lu Tingxiao by the neck and kissed him on the lips.

"You...you brat! How could simply let someone take advantage of you?! This is such nonsense..."

Ning Xi had no words. Wow, he still did not believe this was really her boyfriend!

"Grandfather, I haven't introduced myself. My surname is Lu and my name is Lu Tingxiao. I am currently with the Lu Corporation, and am indeed in a relationship with Xiao Xi."

The elder was immediately stunned. At the same time, he tried hard to open his eyes and slowly evaluated the man before him. "Wait...hold on, who did you say you were? Lu what?"

"Lu Tingxiao...Grandfather, how much money do I need to be able to rent Lu Tingxiao?" Ning Xi said helplessly.

"He's Lu Tingxiao?"

Lu Tingxiao took out an identification card from his pocket and put it into the elder's hand.

The elder's expression changed from suspicion to shock.

"Right, Grandfather, there's still one more thing I hid from you..." Ning Xi said as she held the hand of Little Treasure, who had been waiting obediently behind Lu Tingxiao. "Here...this is your great-grandson..."

The elder was initially still in a sleepy daze and not very clear-headed. But when he suddenly saw Ning Xi lead a soft and white little bun forward, and he heard the words "great-grandson", he immediately widened his eyes. "What did you say?"

The elder almost jumped off the bed and frightened Ning Xi, so she quickly held him protectively. "Grandfather, don't be too emotional, watch yourself!"

Ning Xi could only help support him temporarily.

The elder immediately hurled out his trembling hands and stared at Little Treasure unblinkingly, afraid that he would disappear. "Come...come to Great-grandfather..."

Little Treasure turned to look at Ning Xi, then obediently walked to the elder under Ning Xi's encouraging gaze. He also hurled out his hand and held the elder's hand.

The moment that little hand held his palm, the elder's tears instantly fell, his body shaking violently. "Is...is this really my Great-grandson?"

Ning Xi's eyes had reddened too, yet she was not quite sure how to answer him.

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Yes, Little Treasure is my child with Xiao Xi."

When Little Treasure heard this, he nodded too, he was the child of Mother and Father!

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