Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 802

After they left the hospital, they sent Little Treasure to school.

On the way back, Ning Xi cocked her head sideways and looked at Lu Tingxiao. "Then...how did you explain our relationship to Grandfather?"

Lu Tingxiao had said that he would handle it, so she had not asked much about it, but she was curious now.

Lu Tingxiao looked straight ahead at the sun and answered while driving, "I said that we fell in love at first sight and that we were unable to control ourselves, then Little Treasure happened. After that, due to some misunderstanding, you left Little Treasure and I. We reunited five years later and realized that we still loved each other, so we got back together again"

It was the first time Ning Xi heard Lu Tingxiao utter so many words that she felt surreal; it did not seem like him at all.

Ning Xi was surprised. "Wow, Lu Tingxiao! Youre so good at making up stories. You should be a scriptwriter already...and a romance drama scriptwriter at that!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her through the mirror. "Im not making it up. Its what I envisioned. How nice would it have been if we had met each other earlier?"

Ning Xis heart skipped a few beats.

Lu Tingxiaos words lingered in her mind...

How nice would it have been if we had met each other earlier?

She had also told herself the same thing countless times before...

How nice would it be if she had met this man earlier?

The next moment, at a red light, Ning Xi leaned forward and pressed her lips against Lu Tingxiaos

The girls sweet fragrance dominated all his senses, Lu Tingxiao was surprised at first, then he tilted his head and passionately returned her kiss

The light turned green and Lu Tingxiao returned to his senses when he heard the honks of the cars from behind. "Im driving, dont mess around."

Ning Xi pouted. "Im not messing around, I only wanted to give you a small kiss. Youre the one who messed around!"

Lu Tingxiao had nothing to say in his defense.

The next day was a Saturday. The elder was already walking around when Ning Xi brought Little Treasure to visit him. He even played with Little Treasure the whole morning.

Ning Xi was still worried about his health at first, but after she saw that he was getting better and better, she felt more relieved.

"Grandfather, its going to be visiting hours soon, Ill take my leave for now. Little Treasure, say goodbye to Great-grandfather." She always avoided visiting hours to avoid meeting Ning Xueluo.

The elder patted the little buns head gently. "Mmm, okay. Rest assured, Xiao Xi, Ill never tell anyone about this."

If people knew about Xiao Xis relationship with Lu Tingxiao, who knew what kind of trouble would happen? He had to at least wait until both of them were married. If not, the news of Ning Xi being pregnant out of wedlock would surely affect her career.

He was now all satisfied with a grandson. Ultimately, he was glad to know that the Ning family still had a descendant. Even if he were to leave the world now, he would be able to rest in peace.

However for Xiao Xi and Little Treasures sake, he had to live on and be there for them. After all, he was also going to wait for his second, third, fourth or even fifth great-grandchildren

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