Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 804

"Ill leave it to you guys. I have a job to attend to, just call me if theres anything!"

"Alright, Sis Xi, go quickly! Remember to help me take some photos of Jiang Muye, it's best if you can get shots of you and him together!"

Ning Xi was attending a hot talk show. Because of the popularity of "The World", they invited the main cast to talk about their shooting experience. The main characters of the night were Ning Xueluo and Zhao Sizhou; most of the topics revolved around the both of them. Ning Xi, Guan Xiaoqi, and the other artistes were just there to serve as foils.

Jiang Muye was a special case. He would be invited even if he was just a side character. Moreover, he acted as the secondary protagonist this time.

As the host was chatting with Ning Xueluos group, Ning Xi sat there quietly without interrupting. However, since she acted as Jiang Muye's better half in the movie, the host would sometimes mention her name.

"Ning Xi, your scenes with Jiang Muye earned the tears of the audience, and your popularity is soaring. Everyone thought you guys looked really good together, and you even made it into the top ten best on-screen couples of the year! And in the voting poll, the most popular male character went to your army doctor, Sun Huanqing! Arent you glad?"

"Really?" Ning Xi looked surprised.

"Thats right, look at this, its the online voting poll and Sun Huanqings leading! It's ranking even higher than Sizhous main character!" As the host was speaking, there was a picture of the online voting poll flashed on the screen displaying Jiang Muyes vote as the highest.

At that moment, everyone was anticipating how Ning Xi was going to reply. It was a tricky situation. If she made a mistake, she might offend other people

Apart from the popularity of Sun Huanqings character, the main reason for Jiang Muyes high votes came naturally from his fans.

But if she were to say that she was happy or proud, she would be indirectly criticizing Zhao Sizhou and Ning Xueluo, and in turn, offend their fanbase.

Ning Xi smiled. "Just as the saying goes!"

"Which saying?" the host asked curiously.

Ning Xi looked at Zhao Sizhou and Jiang Muye. "The main male lead belongs to the female lead, while the co-starring male lead belongs to everyone!"

Not only the host laughed. Ning Xueluo, Zhao Sizhou, and Jiang Muyes fans all cheered. Ning Xis smart reply did not offend anyone.

Backstage, the director looked at the cameras and noticed that a few of them were focusing on Ning Xi. Ning Xi had amazingly glowy skin, and her flawless face drew the cameras to her. Even if she was not saying anything, her eyes shone as she listened to others speak. The cameras were always fond of aesthetics

"Later, keep three of the scenes that focus on Ning Xis face. Put her scenes together with Jiang Muyes," the director ordered the assistants.

After the talk show was done, Ning Xueluo excused herself with a smile and she spoke to Ning Xi and the directors for a little before heading back to her car.

As she stepped into the car, her smile turned into dreadfulness and she quickly made a call back home

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