Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 809

Chen Mian's assistant was a young girl in her twenties, and she was just arranging the props when she was suddenly been dragged over. She looked confused as she panted to ask, "Director, what's the urgency?"

Chen Mian looked at Ning Xi, then looked at his watch before pointing at the assistant. "I'm giving you ten seconds. Make her fall in love with you. If you can do it, I can guarantee that I'll make you become an instant hit!"

At that moment, Ning Xi, Jiang Muye, and the assistant were speechless.

What? Make a girl fall in love with a girl?

Was Chen Mian crazy?

While Jiang Muye was shocked and the assistant was completely confused, Ning Xi had already realized something. He was giving her an opportunity!

The moment Chen Mian started to time her, Ning Xi caught the assistant off-guard by pulling her hand. She sat on the wide chair behind her and smoothly pulled her to sit on her lap...

The assistant instinctively shrieked, yet stopped when Ning Xi tersely said, "Don't move!"

Then, Ning Xi carefully took off the assistant's heels and looked at her red and swollen ankles...

Ten seconds had yet to be up, and Ning Xi had only said the two words "don't move", yet the assistant girl was already staring at the young man's tensed face with empathy and love. Her heart was already beating fast while her breath came in short pauses. She was speechless...

Chen Mian looked at her, then directly said, "You pass the test. Now, follow me."

Ning Xi helped the assistant take off her heels, then let her put on her own sneakers before helping her steadily get to her feet. Then, she stood up and replied Chen Mian, "Okay!"

Jiang Muye, who was completely ignored, was speechless at this. "Pfft! Chen Mian, where are you bringing her?"

Chen Mian had already driven off with Ning Xi off like the wind...

Behind him, the assistant's gaze remained longingly at the direction Chen Mian's car had left in, "Senior Jiang, which rookie is that handsome guy? Has the Director taken a liking upon him, and chosen him to be the male lead in the new film? My God! Too charming! Earlier when he carried me and helped me change my shoes, my heart was about to jump out!"

Jiang Muye looked unhappy. "Are you blind? That was a girl!"

"No way!" The assistant was flabbergasted.

Jiang Muye rolled his eyes. "What do I get out of lying to you?"

The assistant covered her blushing face when she heard this. "Oh, so handsome! It's okay if she's a woman...crap, am I leaning the other way?!"

Jiang Muye had no words.

Chen Mian directly brought Ning Xi to his company.


Ning Xi casually skimmed the office. There were no pictures of the set, films, or that sort of thing. Chen Mian's office was unusually simple. The only things on the wall were just charts for the characters in a script and pictures of casting actors...

"I have a script on hand. It has already been accumulating for three years because I could not find a suitable female lead. I could have simply gotten some famous artistes and cook something up, and the box office sales would definitely not fare too badly in the end, but I could not give up this script," said Chen Mian, as he pulled open the lowest drawer with a key and took out a script booklet.

The pages were yellowed; one look and you would know that it had been read many times before. Ning Xi carefully took the script and looked at the summary first.

When she finished, she finally understood what Chen Mian's weird actions were for, "Female in a male disguise?"

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