Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 812

At Royal Jazz Hotel, VIP room.

In this year's competition-filled atmosphere, "The World"'s historic film had achieved the third best result in this year's box office. Everyone from the drama team had gathered for a celebration banquet.

Apart from the director, the producers, scriptwriters, camera crew and other acting members such as Ning Xueluo, Zhao Sizhou, Jiang Muye, Feng Yibo, and several main actors were all present. A few of the main characters' managers were present too. There were many people in the huge room, and it was bustling with excitement.

When Ning Xi reached the room and greeted everyone, she was immediately called by Jiang Muye to a corner.

"Tell me honestly! Why did that Chen Mian call you over for?" Jiang Muye looked at her seriously like he was interrogating a criminal.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes. "Why are you so tensed up for? Could he tank me?"

"Huh, please, who would dare tank you? If he did, I should now be able to see the tabloid headlines that famous director Chen Mian had died in his home!"

Ning Xi was speechless. "Am I that scary?"

"Don't talk about unnecessary things. I'm being serious, what did Chen Mian talk to you about?" Based on his understanding of Chen Mian's character, he naturally knew he was not the kind of director to be inappropriate, but the way he acted in the afternoon was just odd.

"Oh, right, speaking about this, I have to thank you instead. My new film has been decided!" Ning Xi said as she poured Jiang Muye a drink.

"Chen Mian's?" Jiang Muye's eyebrows raised.


"Which script?"


"Please! Ning Xiao Xi, not bad! That guy actually gave you the script he has been safekeeping ask along?" Jiang Muye was obviously a little shocked. "I have seen that script too. I wanted to take it, but he said he couldn't find a suitable female lead and was not willing to shoot. This script has probably been searching for the right person for three years now..."

Jiang Muye recalled the script's plot and instantly understood why Chen Mian had taken an interest to Ning Xi.

This brat, what horribly amazing luck was she on?!

This script was practically made for her!

"Who's the male lead?" Jiang Muye immediately asked.

Ning Xi shot him a look as if she had seen through him. "Don't think about it, Director Chen said that he would use an entire cast of newbies, so you don't stand a chance!"

Jiang Muye scoffed, "Looks like...Chen Mian is really ready to make you a hit! This film is, after all, led by a female protagonist, so if you choose me as the male lead, my halo would very easily overpower the female lead, so that must be why he's using new actors!"

As Ning Xi listened, she felt that what he was saying was quite reasonable. "Apart from that, he probably wants to return to his true self, follow his heart, and ditch all the complicated things to start all over again! Didn't he use an entire cast of new actors for his famous debut?"

"Can the current movie market compare to ten years ago? That was the generation of talents. How many classics were made? Now look again, how many are left? The point is, the risk is huge..." Jiang Muye muttered.

Ning Xi raised her brows defiantly. "I like challenging things!"

Jiang Muye knew she would say this, so he pat her on the shoulder and said, "Even though the risk is quite high, this could create a miracle. Whatever it is, I wish you good luck!"

"Thank you! I'll ride on your lucky words!" Ning Xi raised her glass and toasted with him.

As everyone was chatting and drinking, the door opened, and in walked the producer Wang Taihe.

A frenzy later, the director Guo Qisheng quickly walked over and asked, "How's it? Did you manage to invite CEO Lu?"

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