Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 815

"Please! The price of these three bottles should add up to a few hundred thousand dollars, right?"

"Eh, eh, eh, I finally understood that no matter how hard a woman works, it's not as good as having a good husband!"


Ning Xueluo's mood tonight had initially been at the pinnacle of misery, but when she heard all the crowd's praises and teases in reaction to the wine, she started to lighten up again. Su Yan was undoubtedly the best thing that happened to her in this lifetime!

A while later, Su Yan, who was having a business social nearby, came over to greet everyone, then he was asked enthusiastically to stay.

When Su Yan saw that Lu Jingli was present as well, he wanted to network with him, so he stayed and then walked over to chat with Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli smiled and handled him skillfully with a few sentences before making him leave.

Then, he held his chin and walked past the two lovey-dovey Su Yan and Ning Xueluo and scoffed to Ning Xi, "Initially, I wanted to ask if you would be triggered, but then I thought never mind, you already have someone much better!"

Indeed, Ning Xi did not look the other side, she was texting Lu Tingxiao and teasing him.

Lu Jingli shook his head and sighed, he could not bear to watch all the lovey-dovey scenes going on around him. He started to grumble, "Eh, where's the fun in just singing and drinking? Let's all play a game!"

Since it was Lu Jingli who suggested, everyone naturally agreed and echoed his suggestion.

"Okay, okay!"

"But, what do we play?"

"Yeah, it seems like there aren't any new and fun games!"

Lu Jingli smiled cunningly. "It's not about it being new, as long as it's fun, so let's do 'Truth or Dare'!"

Ning Xi was speechless. Why was it Truth or Dare again? Could this guy come up with something different? The last time after she played it at his bungalow party, she was traumatized!

However, as one of the classic games that was suitable for a party with many people, Lu Jingli's suggestion immediately received everyone's approval.

As for the rules of the game, it was very easy. To pick the big ghost was to win, pick the small ghost was to lose. The small ghost could choose between truth or dare, but if they were unwilling to tell the truth or do the dare, then they failed and would be punished with three glasses of drinks.

Very quickly, the game started.

At first, everyone was still holding their courage in, but at last many different questions like "At what age did you start kissing girls?", "How many adult moves do you have in your computer?", and "How long did you last?" started to become frequent...

"Ning Xi, truth or dare?" the crew member who had gotten the big ghost card asked her with a malicious expression.

Ning Xi's luck was pretty good the first few times, and she had not picked the small ghost card, but after a while, she had unfortunately been hit.

Ning Xi then replied, "Dare!" On such an occasion, the truth was more dangerous than dares.

"Then, please ask for a kiss from the gentleman who picked the Ace of Hearts. If you're rejected, then the dare is considered a fail!"

Everyone started to ooh.

"Hey, this is too easy! Would there be a man who would reject our Ning beauty's request for a kiss?"


"Where's the Ace of Hearts? Who's the lucky man? Come out quickly!"


At last, a moment later, someone from the sofa cleared their throat and said, "It's me."

The person who said this was Su Yan.

Uh oh...

Why did it have to be Su Yan of all people?

Everyone in the private room was instantly stunned, yet at the same time they were a little excited. Even though Su Yan's girlfriend, Ning Xueluo, was present, but to be faced with a beauty like Ning Xi, and coupled with the fact that it was just a game, would Su Yan...agree?

Jiang Muye frowned, while Lu Jingli looked alert and panicked. Aiyo! This has gone overboard...

'Truth or Dare' had been suggested by him. If his brother found out, then he would definitely be dead!

"Hello, Su Yan, do you agree or not?" Now many people had drank quite a fair bit and were all cheering him on.

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