Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 816

"Hahaha...you guys, Su Yan's real girlfriend is still here! How could he agree!?"

"That's not necessary! It's just a game anyway, and Xueluo is so easy-going, so she wouldn't mind, right, Xueluo?"


Under everyone's pressure, Ning Xueluo looked at Ning Xi, who was in a corner, then at the troubled Su Yan beside her before she said nonchalantly, "It's just a game, of course I won't mind. Su Yan, you decide yourself!"

"Oh, oh... I told you so! Su Yan, you're so lucky! You have such a considerate girlfriend!"

Su Yan looked at Ning Xi in the corner. Moments later, he revealed an apologetic expression and said, "I'm sorry."

Ning Xi shrugged, then downed the three glasses of drinks on the table.

Lu Jingli could not even stop her in time.

Damn it, this is over...

Everyone instantly roared and shrieked, "Damn it! We've been publicly shamed again!"

"I knew Su Yan wouldn't agree! His heart was already full, so other women are just floating clouds!"

There was also some smaller actors who envied Ning Xi and they started to whisper happily, "She's just pretty, did she really think that all men would fall at her feet?! Now, she's faced rejection! How funny!"

"For a vase like Ning Xi, only those vulgar men who don't care about what's inside would like her, right? How could a noble person like Su Yan like someone of her type?! Even if Ning Xueluo wasn't around, I think he wouldn't say 'yes' either! To be associated with such a small artiste that relies on her face for fame would just be degrading himself!"


On the side, Ning Xueluo looked at Su Yan, clearly touched. "I thought you...Bro Yan, you didn't actually have to do that...I know it's just a game, I wouldn't mind!"

From the corner of his eye, Su Yan looked at Ning Xi who held her head in her hands. Even though though he looked sorry, he was still firm. "Even though I've always treated Ning Xi as a sister and wanted to care for her, I would definitely not do such a thing. Even if you understand, I wouldn't want you to misunderstand."

"Bro Yan..."

Up next, Ning Xueluo was picked. Ning Xueluo chose a dare, then she was asked to kiss any man present who was willing. At last, there was no question, Ning Xueluo obviously chose Su Yan.

The attractive couple's passionate kissing led to the crowd's teasingsomeone again...

Ning Xi was only asked to kiss someone in the game, yet after the ruckus, she felt like she wanted to press up to Su Yan. Just as she was thinking about this, it happened...

It was right at that moment that Ning Xi got chosen again.

The person who had gotten the big ghost card was a drunk cast member who slurred, "Ning Xi, truth or dare?"

After downing three glasses earlier, Ning Xi started to feel tipsy because she drank too quickly. She wanted to say truth, but before these words could come out, she actually twisted it. "Dare..."

When she wanted to change her words, it was too late.

The cast member immediately smiled and said, "Aiyo, I've drank too much, I really can't think of anything for you to do. How about you do the same thing as earlier?! But, to avoid awkwardness, let's not choose anyone in this room. Just ask for a kiss from the first person who walks into this room later!"

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