Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 820

Everyone regained their senses soon.

Wow! What just happened?

Lu Tingxiao kissed Ning Xi!

Ning Xi actually succeeded in getting a kiss?

That was not exactly right. Ning Xi did not even ask. She gave up trying, but Lu Tingxiao still kissed her!

Ning Xueluo almost broke her glass, then she heard the sound of glasses breaking and beside her, Su Yans wine glass fell onto the floor.

"Sorry...I...I need to go to the washroom" Su Yan quickly went out.

Ning Xueluo looked unhappy as she noticed Su Yans reaction. What did he mean by this? Why was he so worked up to see another man kiss Ning Xi?

She thought she already had total control over Su Yan, that he only had guilt towards Ning Xi, but at that moment, a sense of urgency floated up in her mind

What troubled her the most was that Lu Tingxiao actually kissed Ning Xi! How was this possible!?

Lu Tingxiao sat down on the sofa casually and ignored everyones gaze as if he did not just do something outrageous.

Realizing Ning Xi was still staring at him in horror, Lu Tingxiao asked, "Anything else?"

Ning Xi covered her mouth and shook her head. She stood up straight, turned around, and then sat back down on the sofa.

Jiang Muye held his fists in balls and avoided everyones eyes.

The damaged Lu Jingli covered his chest and pushed Lu Tingxiao over. "Bro, give me some more space!"

There was still some space between Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi. After Lu Jingli pushed, Lu Tingxiao now sat right next to Ning Xi.

"Ha...haha...Mr. Lu is pretty considerate!"

"Ning Xi made it!"

Everyone started talking again and the atmosphere became more relaxed.

At the same time, there were people whispering around as well

"What was Lu Tingxiao trying to do?"

"What could he be trying? He's just trying to play nice, hes a man after all! Isnt it normal?"

"Its normal for men, but this is Lu Tingxiao were talking about. What happened was too shocking!"

"Whats wrong with Lu Tingxiao? Hes a man as well! With a beauty like Ning Xi, there aren't many men that can restrain themselves. Take a guess, if Ning Xueluo was not around just now, would Su Yan have let this chance slip away?"

"Well...its pretty hard to say"

Everyone had thoughts of their own, but Ning Xi just sat there obediently. As she was being all quiet and shy, she suddenly felt a warm hand on her thigh! Ning Xis back straightened, then she glared at Lu Tingxiao and stopped his hand with hers.

What are you doing?

Lu Tingxiao held his chin with one hand and sat there with his usual cool attitude, but under the table, he was holding her hand and not letting go.

Ning Xi tried to take her hand back but failed, so she just let him do what he wanted, her heart racing quickly.

What was this? It felt like a secret lovers meeting.

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