Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 822

Some time later, Ning Xi was picked again.

"Truth or dare?"

Ning Xi hesitated. "Truth!"

That person was expecting Ning Xi to call for truth, so after taking a peek at Lu Tingxiao, the person said, "So...when Mr. Lu kissed you earlier, how did you feel?"

Ning Xi was speechless. She had no idea that picking truth was much more dangerous than picking dare!

After the question was asked, all the girls in the room were excited. They were all very interested in Ning Xis answer.

When Lu Tingxiao kissed Ning Xi, they were all jealous! Especially the girl who had come up with the dare rule, she deeply regretted that she created such a perfect chance for another woman

Everyones eyes stayed on Ning Xi. Lu Tingxiao had a glass of wine in his hand, and although he was not looking at anyone, he was focused on Ning Xi as well.

After a long silence, Ning Xi tried her best to reply, "To be honest...it was too sudden, I did not really feel anything"

"What was that?! You have to tell the truth!"

"Thats right! Did you really not feel anything?"

"Its not that I didnt feel anything! But it was too sudden! Im telling the truth!" Ning Xi explained herself.

The crowd let her off this round.

She thought that she had avoided the worst this time, then she felt an itchy feeling on her hand. Lu Tingxiao was scratching her palm with his finger.

Ning Xi glared at him again. What is it this time?

Lu Tingxiao stayed silent and just looked at her in the eyes.

Then, it was Ning Xueluo who was picked next.

"Xueluo, truth or dare?" Chang Li asked.

"Dare," Ning Xueluo replied.

Because it was Chang Li as the person behind the dare, she knew that Chang Li would not make her do anything too embarrassing.

"I want you to sing a song with the Kings of Spade."

This was a pretty normal dare, nothing noticeable, but the Kings of Spade was...Lu Tingxiao

Lu Jingli was prepared for his brothers swapping trick again, but Chang Li saw his card and announced, "Oh, the Kings of Spade is Mr. Lu!"

Everyone had a sense of admiration in their eyes. "How great if we get to listen to Mr. Lu sing?!"

It was just singing a song, plus they were just playing a game, so Su Yan should not have any problems with it. This could be the best chance for her to get closer to Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xueluo smiled and stood up as she looked at Lu Tingxiao. "Mr. Lu, you can pick the song."

Ning Xueluo was relieved that she was pretty good at singing! Everyone thought that Lu Tingxiao would agree since he had even kissed Ning Xi just now, so there was no reason to decline singing.

Chang Li handed over the mic to him.

Lu Tingxiao did not even raise his hand. He just mumbled a few words, "I dont know how to."

Chang Lis smile froze, and the prepared Ning Xueluo stood there awkwardly as well

How was it possible to not know how to sing?

Could it be that he did not want to lower his status by singing with a celebrity like Ning Xueluo?

In that instance, that thought occurred to almost everyone.

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