Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 825

The lyrics of this song were so suggestive! Ning Xi was a little defensive against the song at first, but after some time, along with the effect of alcohol and Lu Tingxiaos gentle gaze, she became more relaxed and sang even better. No one in the room could deny that the aura of love they were emitting was powerful.

What was more shocking was that their collaboration was amazing! While they did not interact with each other, not even make long eye contact, their singing and the feelings between them was as if...as if they were a couple in love.

Lu Tingxiao had such a cold aura, but now he looked like he had descended on earth from the heaven

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi sang together, "Come and hug me, kiss me starting from my toe, our souls are slowly falling"

Lu Tingxiao sang, "Love is consuming me."

Ning Xi continued, "Like a web over the sky."

He added, "Without caring about the consequences"

Ning Xi sang along, "This disaster"

Finally, they finished the song. The crowd was impressed.

Lu Jingli was the first one to cheer for them. "Ive finally heard you sing!"

Even though he already knew that his brothers voice was that sexy when singing, he was thoroughly impressed by him once again.

Jiang Muye was stunned. It was his first time hearing Lu Tingxiao sing, and he did not expect that Lu Tingxiao would really sing a romantic duet with Ning Xi in front of everyone

The crowd started cheering and clapping as well. "Oh my God! Mr. Lu! Your singing was heavenly! How humble of you to say that you didnt know how!"

"Youre invincible! I should just retire myself!"

"Ning Xi sang really amazingly as well. So, she isnt just good at acting, her singing is superb too!"

"Both of them collaborated so well! Im feeling in love!"

"I feel like Mr. Lu is showing some extra love to our Ning Xi tonight!"

Ning Xueluo felt like those praises for Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi were like slaps on her face. Not only could Lu Tingxiao sing, he even sang so well. Yet, he rejected her, then sang a love song with Ning Xi. He had just trampled her pride!

Su Yans expression was sour because his girlfriend had just been humiliated, but he could not do anything about it. Lu Tingxiao just did not want to sing with her, so what else could he do?

But he was not focusing on Ning Xueluo no. The image of Ning Xi singing with Lu Tingxiao just now was imprinted in his mind.

Weren't they just boss and employee?

They seemed as if they were a couple in love!

Chang Li comforted, "Dont be so sad, Xueluo. Glory World Entertainment is a company under Lu Corporation, and Ning Xi is one of them, so Lu Tingxiao would, of course, be on her side in public"

Ning Xueluo glared at her venomously. Had she not made such a request, Ning Xueluo would not have been humiliated!

How useless!

Ning Xueluo was already frustrated, but she had to maintain her usual expression. The moment she saw Su Yan staring blankly at Ning Xis direction, the fire of jealousy started burning in her heart, nearly exploding...

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