Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 828

Ning Xi kept on singing while looking at Lu Tingxiao. "Driver! Open the window! No! Not that! The window to heaven! Open it"

Lu Tingxiao pinched the area between his eyebrows, and he pressed a button. Suddenly, the top of the car came down.

Waves of wind went by, and Ning Xi became even more wilder. "Youre the strongest man. The horse galloping by like a storm, passing through a wide field of grass"

Lu Jingli said, "A soul of a singer has been born. Bro Xi, have you ever considered being a singer?"

Jiang Muye could not stand it anymore. "Hey! Be more careful! What if journalists took our picture?!"

Ning Xi sobered up a little. "Driver, close it up! Close it up!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl dotingly. "Its alright, there are no journalists around."

Ning Xis eyes brightened up and she went wild once again. "Ahhh! Once every thousand years, waiting around, every thousand years! I have no regrets, whos telling me that youll love me forever and ever? Just to listen it again, I will do anything for it!"

Jiang Muye looked dreadfully at her, regretting his decision to follow their car.

Lu Jingli made a raspberry; apparently, he was used to all of these.

"A pair of Yuan Yang flew by...the scenes were beautiful, someone asked the monk, 'is the lady pretty? Is that lady pretty?' Are they pretty?"

Lu Tingxiao answered her, "Very pretty."

"Heh" Ning Xi finally stopped.

At Platinum Palace.

The moment they stopped, Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye jumped out of the car and vanished. Lu Tingxiao parked the car and helped the drunk lady to get in. He assisted her to take her shoes off and brought her a hot towel.

The girl kept on smiling and Lu Tingxiao was relieved. He caressed her face. "Are you happy?"

Ning Xi nodded with bright eyes. "Boss, youre always saying the right thing. Ive finally found a better, much better script"

Grandfathers health had gotten better, her studio was on track, and her new project was starting soon as well. She forgot when was the last time she felt this happy. That dark and horrible experience felt like a memory from her past life.

Lu Tingxiao looked her in the eye, then he closed in and kissed her.

"Mm...what are you doing?"

Why the sudden kissing?

Lu Tingxiao smiled at her. "Didnt you say it was too sudden and you were not able to feel anything back then?"

"Ugh" Ning Xi remembered what she had said during the game of Truth or Dare. The devils memory was superb.

"How does it feel?" Lu Tingxiao asked again.

"Mmm" Ning Xi blinked and put on her thinking face. "I dont think I felt it clearly, what should I do?"

Lu Tingxiao laughed and kissed her again

As Ning Xi was having fun with the devil, she heard the sound of footsteps and pushed him away, then she fell off the bed.

As she expected, the little bun stood by the door rubbing his eyes. He thought he was dreaming as he saw Ning Xi here. He then pinched his own face...

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