Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 832

Finally, a black Maybach parked near the main entrance. The door opened and two people came out of the car.

The father-son duo wore the same style bespoke suits in the same color to fit todays theme. Lu Tingxiaos tie and the little buns bowtie were a festive bright red. As the both of them made their appearance, they attracted peoples attention.

The servants started greeting them

"Good evening, First Master!"

"Good evening, Little Master!"

When Yan Ruyi saw her son and grandson, she was relieved, going up to them with a wide smile. "Oh, my baby is back!"

Lu Chongshans serious face softened the moment he saw Little Treasure. "Little Treasure is here!"

Today was a special day. It was his 60th birthday, and no matter whether it was for the public's perspective or for his own desire, he really hoped his only grandson would come. After all, Little Treasure was his only successor.

Both of his sons were worrisome. One was going to live the unmarried life, while the other was not interested in either men or women. When he was feeling hopeless about the future of the Lu family, Little Treasure appeared as the light shining through his darkness.

Moreover, the little guy was getting cuter, and performed much better than kids of his age. In fact, he was progressing even better than Lu Tingxiao had when he was young

Ever since the appearance of Little Treasure, Lu Chongshan felt relieved and did not bother either of his sons anymore.

However, bad luck befell them due to his mistake and then that incident happened, causing him to blame himself for it for several years.

Throughout these few years, Little Treasures condition was very unstable. A once perfectly normal kid suddenly turned into a soulless doll and darkness enshrouded the Lu family like a large rock weighing on his chest and he was unable to get it off.

And now...Little Treasure had been getting better, but he was still worried

He was constantly anxious, afraid that the same thing might happen again, and that it might lead to another disaster

Lu Chongshan remembered the times when Little Treasure was sitting on his lap and smilingly calling him. His eyes misted over. "Tingxiao, you can bring Little Treasure inside first, therere a lot of people here today and he might be scared. Only bring him out later when most of the guests have arrived to greet some people."

"Okay." Lu Tingxiao nodded, understanding where his father was coming from. "Oh, Little Treasure prepared a present for you."

Little Treasure blinked and nodded.

Lu Chongshans worries were chased away and he smiled. "Oh, really? How nice of you! Im looking forward to it!"

After both of them went into the house, Yan Ruyi sighed, "I would be at ease if Little Treasure could recover completely and if Lu Tingxiao would marry Ziyao!"

Lu Chongshan nodded sagely. "Its never going to be that easy."

Both of them were totally charmed by that woman

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