Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 834

Nevertheless, she knew that Guan Ziyao was being nice, so Yan Ruyi patted her hands and thanked her, "Thank you, Ziyao, Little Treasure is doing well now. If theres a need, Ill surely look for you!"

Before Little Treasures condition stabilized, she would not let anyone be in contact with Little Treasure easily, even if it was Guan Ziyao.

Guan Ziyao still felt hopeful and she asked, "Is Little Treasure going to school now?"

"Yes, he is."

"Which school?" Guan Ziyao asked again.

"Glorious Kindergarten."

"As far as I know, its a good school, but it is just a normal kindergarten...with Little Treasures condition, he should go to a special needs school! I know a school specially designed for kids with autism. Ive personally gone there before for a project. Its really well planned and most of the children have had positive changes after they went there. I know the principal. Do you want to have Little Treasure transferred there?" Guan Ziyao probed.

Although Yan Ruyi did not think Little Treasure was autistic, if there was anything that could help him progress, she would be willing to try.

She was slightly tempted by Guan Ziyaos persuasive tone, but she hesitated again, "Well, I need to talk to Tingxiao about it before making a decision."

Guan Ziyao quickly clarified, "Of course, its not an urgent matter, just contact me anytime you need me! Ill talk to Tingxiao about this later and see what he thinks!"

"Alright...thank you, Ziyao!" Yan Ruyi was relieved.

Not only did Guan Ziyao not mind about Little Treasures existence, she was so concerned about him, pleasing Yan Ruyi immensely.

As they were chatting casually, a maid suddenly rushed towards them. Whispering into Yan Ruyis ears, she said, "Madam, Little Master...Little Master has gone missing!"

"What? What did you say?" Yan Ruyis expression changed drastically.

Guan Ziyao looked over. "What happened?"

A while later, Yan Ruyi, Guan Ziyao, Lu Chongshan, Lu Tingxiao, and Lu Jingli all appeared in the room Little Treasure was in.

Lu Chongshan looked displeased. "Why would he suddenly go missing? What were you doing?"

The maid looked at Yan Ruyi, then at Guan Ziyao, her expression troubled. In order to avoid Lu Chongshans anger, she replied honestly, "Actually, Little Master came out a little while ago, but when he overheard Madam Lus conversation with Ms. Guan, he suddenly ran away. There were too many people at that moment and I was unable to catch up, then I couldnt find him anywhere"

The maid was sobbing. The Little Master was the core of the family! If anything happened to him, she would be done for!

"What were you both talking about?" Lu Chongshan stared sharply at Yan Ruyi and Guan Ziyao.

Yan Ruyis face went pale. "Could it be"

Guan Ziyaos expression changed as well.

"Say something!" Lu Chongshan looked at Yan Ruyi anxiously.

As Lu Chongshan was asking Yan Ruyi, Guan Ziyaos voice sounded out from Lu Tingxiaos phone.

"Aunty, Little Treasures condition...I knew a little...special needs child...when Zhichen was five years old...I knew a school designed for children with autism"

As they were talking, Lu Tingxiao had calmly accessed the CCTV system and checked through the footages

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