Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 835

Lu Chongshan was visibly unhappy when he heard what Guan Ziyao said from the CCTV footage.

Little Treasure's kidnapping was a severe matter, and the Lu family sealed off all information from the public. Everyone knew almost nothing about it, but some people within the circle heard bits and pieces of news. In addition to Little Treasures lack of appearance in public for two years, all sorts of rumors came out. Some even assumed that Little Treasure had become mentally retarded due to shock.

Little Treasure might be exhibit signs of autism, but when he heard Guan Ziyao call Little Treasure a "special needs child", an "autistic child", and even compared him to Guan Zhichen, Lu Chongshan was obviously unhappy.

The atmosphere became a little awkward as the footage played

Guan Ziyao frowned., "My conversation with Aunty Lu doesnt seem to have anything that might have triggered the child. Could there be any other reason?"

Lu Jingli stared at her and mumbled, "Not triggered the child? Put yourself in his shoes! Would you be happy if you were being mentioned as sick, ill, and needed to be sent to a special needs school? Little Treasure is a perfectly normal kid. Of course, he would be sad and upset when he heard what you said!"

Lu Jinglis words were exactly what Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi thought.

Guan Ziyaos expression froze. While she did not think it was her fault, she could not rebut Lu Jingli. She apologized, "Im sorry, I did not expect this"

Yan Ruyi understood that she did not do this on purpose, so she gave Guan Ziyao a pat on her back. "Ziyao, it isnt your fault, no one expected him to be there to hear what we said"

Lu Chongshan was anxious. "Our main priority now is to find Little Treasure."

If anything happened, the consequences could be fatal.

"Tingxiao, can you see where Little Treasure went in the camera footage?" Yan Ruyi asked worriedly.

Lu Tingxiao replied, "He purposely avoided the security cameras."

Guan Ziyao was surprised when she heard Lu Tingxiao. How could a five-year-old child know how to avoid security cameras? Was Lu Tingxiao exaggerating? It could just be a coincidence

Yan Ruyi became even more concerned. "What now? There are so many guests today"

Guan Ziyao was thinking of making up for her mistake, so she suggested, "Usually, autistic...I mean children with a personality like Little Treasure lack a sense of security. They would hide in places they feel the safest, so he might be hiding in the room!"

"Have you looked through the room?" Guan Ziyao asked the maid.

The maid nodded. "Ive looked through."

"Are you sure?" Guan Ziyao asked again, "In the cupboards, under the bed, everywhere?"

Cupboards? Under the bed?

The maid shook her head and frowned. "No those places...Little Master loves to be clean, he would never go into those places"

"Just look for him there. With my experience, those are the places with the highest possibility!" Guan Ziyao exclaimed.

The maid did not act immediately, she looked to Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi.

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