Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 839

At the same time, Lu Tingxiao, Lu Chongshan, and Yan Ruyi were somewhere in the garden along with Guan Ziyao. There were also a few tense maids joining the search party. The butler was speaking through a walkie-talkie, giving out some instructions.

"Master, we...we cant find Little Master anywhere!" Butler Xing was sweltering heavily.

Lu Chongshans expression darkened. "Add more people to the search party."

"If we add more people, the guests are going to get suspicious" Butler Xin hesitated.

They had told the crowd that an expensive necklace of Yan Ruyi had gone missing and that they were looking for it, but if they add more people to the search party, it would seem inappropriate.

Moreover, the host family had not been present after such a long time, so the guests were probably already suspecting something happened

"Retreat," Lu Tingxiao said a single word to Xing Wu after checking the time on his wrist.

One said to add more people, another one said to retreat. Xing Wu looked at the elder, then looked at First Master. Who should he listen to?

"Why should they retreat? We havent found Little Treasure yet!" Lu Chongshan fumed.

"Ning Xis going to be here soon," Lu Tingxiao replied.

"So what? Is she a god? We have looked through almost every inch of the place and couldnt find Little Treasure, what in the world can she do?" Lu Chongshan was not convinced.

"Tingxiao, Little Treasures safety is important. Listen to Uncle Lu!" Guan Ziyao tried to persuade him.

"Xing Wu, what are you standing there for?!" Lu Chongshan urged him.

As Xing Wu was in a dilemma as to what to do, he suddenly saw a surprise in front of him.

"Little...Little Master"

"What? Little Treasure? Where?" Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan asked at once.

"That...seems like Little Master"

Everyone looked at the direction Xing Wu was pointing at.

They saw Lu Jingli and Ning Xi walking towards them, and Ning Xi was holding a child in her arms.

The little guy had Lu Jinglis coat on him and he was holding Ning Xis neck tightly as he buried his face in her arms, a position that displayed extreme insecurity.

Everyone was surprised with joy.

"Jingli, where did you guys find Little Treasure?" Yan Ruyi was excited.

"We didnt even try! The moment Sister-in-law appeared, Little Treasure showed up!" Lu Jingli explained.

They were speechless. No one expected this to happen, and they all looked confused.

In the end, Ning Xi did not find Little Treasure...Little Treasure had found her

No wonder Lu Tingxiao was so calm when Ning Xi arrived. He was sure that Little Treasure would be found. Obviously, Little Treasure was still around, but he did not want to show himself. He would come out on his own the moment he saw the person he wanted to see, the one that he could rely on and gave him enough sense of security.

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were relieved although they were unsure what attitude they should face Ning Xi with.

Ning Xi did not care about them at all. She was just concerned about Little Treasure, comforting him gently. The little guy was holding his writing board tightly, seeming like he wanted to say something

"Little Treasure, whats wrong?" Ning Xi took the writing board from him.

Her eyes reddened the moment she saw what was written

[Mother, I want to go home]

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