Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 840

Mother, I want to go home

Yan Ruyi cried when she saw what Little Treasure had written. She then realized how much damage her conversation with Guan Ziyao had caused Little Treasure.

He would not have written such helpless words if he was not this upset. They claimed to be the people that loved Little Treasure the most, but they could not even provide him a place to call home. Little Treasure had never felt a sense of belonging here.

He was at home, yet he said he wanted to go home

Guan Ziyaos attention was on the word "Mother". She thought this woman was probably friendlier with Little Treasure, but he had already recognized her as his mother! She had to speed up her process!

Ning Xi did not want to face this situation at the moment and she was prepared to leave after comforting the little bun, but she changed her mind. With what had happened that day, she wanted to make sure that no one would look down on the little bun again. Even though her journey with Lu Tingxiao might be harsh, she hoped that even without her, the little bun could go on well.

Ning Xi suppressed her emotions and spoke to the little bun gently, "Dear baby, its your home here, and its Grandfathers birthday today. Dont you remember we prepared a gift for Grandfather?"

The little bun did not give any response, he just grabbed Ning Xi even tighter.

"Ill accompany you to give the present to Grandfather, okay?" Ning Xi continued.

Little Treasure finally nodded.

He wanted to go home, and home was wherever Mother was.

After comforting the little bun, Ning Xi looked at the two elders. She spoke in a concerned tone, "Little Treasure is really cold now, he's probably caught a cold from staying outside in the breeze. Itd be great if he could take a hot shower right now"

Yan Ruyi hurriedly invited, "Come inside! Dont just stand in the garden!"

Lu Chongshan was mentally prepared for Little Treasure to leave with Ning Xi, but since Little Treasure was going to stay now, he quickly let them in. As long as Little Treasure stayed here, he would even allow that woman to show her face here.

The guests were already whispering in the banquet hall and shooting furtive looks, so Lu Chongshan went into the hall after confirming that Little Treasures condition was stable.

"Im sorry for the wait! Thank you, everyone, for coming here for my birthday today"

"Youre welcome, Elder Lu!"

"Were honored to be invited!"

The guests greeted him warmly without any odd expression on the surface, but they were all suspecting what had happened.

"What do you think happened tonight?"

"They said Madam Lus precious necklace went missing...but if it was just a necklace, would the whole host family need to disappear for so long?"

"It's probably the little guy again"

"I guessed so too. The Lu family sure is unlucky, they only have this sole successor and hes retarded!"

"Heh, the Lu family has probably done a lot of dirty deals before, so the karma landed on their grandchild"

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