Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 843

Lu Tingxiao had a black suit on him, his tie standing out in a bright color. As usual, he showed no expression with his ice cold aura.

Yet, this cold and strange man was holding a little boys hand.

The little boy looked about five or six years old with fair skin and big eyes. He wore the same retro-style suit as Lu Tingxiao, looking like a little gentleman from the past. Most importantly, while the little boy looked cute, it was obvious that he looked almost identical to his father. His aura and expression were exactly the same as the man's next to him.

Judging by his looks alone, it was easy to know that he was the rumored Little Master of the Lu family.

Facing such a big crowd and everyones stare, his expression remained the same. Just like his father, he was calm and collected.

Suddenly, everyone thought that this was as expected of a child from the Lu family...

However...that was weird. Was the rumor not that the Little Master was retarded and had to stay hidden from the public? How did that boy look retarded?

The crowd surrounded them when Lu Tingxiao came down through the stairs with Little Treasure, and everyone greeted them warmly.

"Oh! This must be Qingyu!"

"He has grown so much, I remember the last time we met was five years ago at his full-moon celebration party. How time flies!"

"Qingyu, do you still remember me? You came to my house when you were three, I even held you before!"

Many guests of the elder generation commented, "When I saw Qingyu just now, for a moment I thought he was Tingxiao! He looked exactly the same when he was little!"

"Youre right!"

"Xiao Xi Xi, here are the clothes you requested! I tried my best to borrow it from Xiao Rong, and she almost suspected me to be a pervert!" Lu Jingli complained while holding a maid's outfit in his hands.

Ning Xi quickly took them and looked at him happily. "Thats great! Thank you!"

"Uhm, Xiao Xi Xi, are you really going to wear that tonight? While I think...my brother will surely like your uniform seduction, dont you want to be all glamorous and beautiful for the occasion today? At least, pose a threat to Guan Ziyao! I could arrange the outfits for you now, or even get you a professional stylist!" Lu Jingli suggested excitedly.

Ning Xi glanced at Lu Jinglis charged up expression. "No, thank you, I can move around easier in this!"

She grinned. "Tonight...its not my stage!"

Lu Jingli was confused. "Eh? Then whose"

"Youll find out later! Get out now! Im going to change!"

"Yes, Madam" Lu Jingli quickly stepped out.

He was suddenly looking forward to his brothers reaction when he saw Xiao Xi Xi in a maid's outfit

All the servants outfits in the Lu family were personally handled by him, including the designs and material selection. He had put the most effort into the maid outfits

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