Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 844

In the banquet hall, Little Treasure was the center of attraction. All the guests tried to talk to him as soon as they saw his cute, chubby face. Even if there was something really wrong with him, he definitely looked cute

Looking at the people around talking to him, and with the fact that Mother Xiao Xi was not here yet, Little Treasure was getting impatient. He felt like running away again. He did not want to stay here anymore.

Lu Tingxiao realized the little guys discomfort, so he looked at his son and spoke to him quietly, "Wait for a while more."

The little bun blinked his eyes and trailed after his father unhappily. Little Treasure stayed silent the whole time. His broodiness got more and more obvious as some attentive guests noticed and asked out of concern, "CEO Lu, why does Qingyu not look very well tonight?"

"Is he not feeling well?"

"If hes not well, let the child have some rest! Dont push himself too hard!" Guan Rui suggested.

"Thats right, health is more important!"

Amongst the guests concerned opinions, suddenly there was the clear voice of a girl coming through.

"First Master, Im here!"

A girl in a maid's outfit ran towards them.

The girl had her hair tied up in double pigtails. Her eyes were big and she had very fair skin. She looked pretty young and she appeared out of breath before Lu Tingxiao. With a respectful gesture, she said, "First Master?"

Lu Tingxiao coughed lightly to recover from his wifes sudden attack in the form of uniform seduction.

Lu Tingxiao handed his son to Ning Xi and said calmly, "Mmm, bring Little Master to eat something first."

"Alright, First Master! Little Master, follow me!" Ning Xi bent down and extended her hand to Little Treasure as she cheekily blinked at him.

The little bun looked at Mother, surprised. He gave her a big smile and happily followed her to the food area. Lu Tingxiao was speechless as Ning Xi and Little Treasure walked away happily. He did not expect her to accompany Little Treasure this way...but it did seem like something she would do.

"No wonder Little Treasure looked unhappy. Hes hungry!"

"Its the period of growing for little kids, they have to be well-fed every meal!"

Lu Chongshans tensed up body relaxed and he smiled. "That kid is not very outspoken. He doesnt usually like to talk!"

He thought Ning Xi would surely try to take the spotlight or even stick beside Lu Tingxiao to declare her status as his girlfriend, yet she had chosen to stay beside Little Treasure quietly, taking him by surprise

"Hahaha, just like Tingxiao when he was little!"

Lu Chongshan chuckled, "Thats different, Tingxiao was much more boring than Qingyu!"

The crowd laughed. The bunch of old friends reminisced about the fun stuff that happened when Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were still little and the atmosphere softened.

So, it was genetical after all

Little Treasures quietness was explained, and nothing seemed strange anymore

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