Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 846

With that, Lu Tingxiao spun away on his heel.

Guan Rui and Guan Ziyao were stunned. What did...Lu Tingxiao mean?

"What did Lu Tingxiao mean just now? Isnt that woman just the adopted daughter abandoned by the Ning family?" Guan Rui frowned.

"It seems like shes not adopted, shes the biological daughter" Guan Ziyao mumbled.

Guan Rui sneered, "Even if shes from the Ning family, shes nothing compared to you!"

"But according to what Lu Tingxiao said, it seems like the woman has some other more prestigious identity..."

Guan Rui thought about it and assured, "Ill investigate further later on, pay it no mind. That guy is still too young and he probably just wanted to irritate me plus oppose his familys arrangement! In the whole of Imperial, how many people are there that the Lu family is not worthy of? Theres only a handful of them! And none of them could ever be related to Ning Xi!"

The dinner continued harmoniously and most of the crowd focused on the elusive Little Master of the Lu family. Some people even secretly hoped that the child would embarrass himself out of their jealousy. To their chagrin, they were all disappointed as Little Treasure was really obedient after following Ning Xi. To everyone, there was no difference compared to a normal kid. His condition seemed to have stabilized after two years of treatment. If not, the Lu family would not have let him appear in public

Aside from the Little Master of the Lu family, the other star of the night could only be the genius from the recently returned Guan family! As expected of a top student, he did not forget about his studies even during the dinner. He heard that some bright people were gathered here today, so he actually brought a few maths question that he was unable to solve. To his delight, some guests were interested and tried to solve the equations with him.

"Oh my gosh, is this really a middle school mathematics question? This is crazy! I pity students nowadays!"

"Hahaha, Mo Lingtian, youre just an underachiever! You dont even understand the questions. These are university-level questions, and they are at a competitive level!" someone mocked Mo Lingtian.

Mo Lingtian's mouth twitched. "Ugh, fine...its not the questions that are crazy, this top student from the Guan family is crazy!"

"Ah! I think I solved it! Is the answer to the first question -9?" a young teen with glasses asked eagerly.

Guan Zhichen replied expressionlessly as he shook his head, "Nope, the answer is 0."

"Ugh...Im wrong again!" The young teen was disappointed.

"Ive worked out the solution already. I can teach you, but I cant solve the second question yet."

"Elder Guan! Your grandson is amazing!" A few guests were gawking at the group of brainiac kids, their eyes were full of envy.

Lu Chongshan praised the boy as well, "Like father, like son!"

Guan Rui shrugged helplessly. "Hes going to become a bookworm, Im really having a headache about it! I brought him here to help him relax, yet now he even brought his questions up when I was not noticing!"

"Elder Guan, you should be glad! My kid at home would not even try to read even if I beat him up!"

"Can your kid compare to Elder Guans grandson? His IQ is 180 and he's already received several International Olympic Mathematics Awards at the age of ten"

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