Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 847

"Hes really amazing! I think hes even better than Tingxiao when he was young. The younger generations are getting better and better!" a close guest of the families commented.

As the host, Lu Chongshan went along with the crowd and praised Guan Rui since they were going to become a family soon, but he chuckled to himself when he heard that comment.

Better than Lu Tingxiao when he was little? That was some big talk!

Lu Chongshan did not show his emotions on the surface nonetheless. "Of course, hes better than Tingxiao!"

Guan Rui waved his hands in denial. "You guys have to stop praising him, hes going to become full of himself. He could never be up to Tingxiaos standard! I would be really glad if he could be at least half capable as his Uncle Xiao!"

"Youre too humble, Elder Lu, hes going to do something great! For families like ours, the most important thing isnt the money we earn or the properties we own, its the people. As long as our successors are capable, thats the real treasure of the family. No matter how great your family is, with an incapable successor, it will surely fall in a few generations!"

"Thats right! Elder Guan is really blessed! Ziyao, Zihao, and Zhichen are all superb!"

"Exactly, unlike us, still having to worry about the useless kids at home"

Many people were able to relate to their words, at the same time, suddenly remembering the worrying situation of the heir to the Lu family.

So what if they were the richest family in Imperial?

No matter how great Lu Tingxiao was, he could, at most, hang on for one or maybe two generations. Numerous shareholders and supporters had their eyes on the family. If there was no capable successor after Lu Tingxiao, things might be chaotic and the Lu dynasty might even fall within a night; it was not an uncommon sight in cases like these. No one could predict what would happen in the future

Somewhere in the banquet hall, Ning Xi noticed a group of people flattering the Guan family, and she knew her chance had arrived

Mo Lingtian and a few other guys had been defeated by Guan Zhichens mathematics question and were even humiliated by their own parents, making them all feel very embarrassed.

Mo Lingtian could not help it anymore, so he spoke up helplessly, "Zhichen, were all underachievers here. Even if we learned about it before, its been so long ago that weve all forgotten about it. Why not you ask your aunt? Surely she could solve them!"

Guan Zhichen looked at Guan Ziyao and mumbled, "She explained it to me before but I didnt get it, then she got angry at me and was unwilling to teach me again!"

"Ugh, well" Mo Lingtian shrugged cluelessly but he then suddenly thought of something. "I know! Uncle Xiao will surely know this! Eh...wheres Lu Tingxiao?"

Guan Ziyao stared at Mo Lingtian unhappily., "Tingxiao is busy, dont pester him, its Zhichens fault for not being able to solve this, let him think on his own."

"Ziyao, youre too strict! Zhichen is only 13!" Mo Lingtian replied.

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