Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 849

As the guests were talking, Little Treasure scrawled a number on the exercise book.

"Hey, Qingyu wrote a 0...whats the correct answer again? It was 0, wasn't it?"

"Thats right! Its 0!"

"Qingyu got it right!"

At that moment, Guan Rui, Guan Ziyao, Guan Zhichen, and even Lu Chongshan were shocked.

Guan Zhichen frowned. "Qingyu, you could tell me if you dont know. You shouldnt simply doodle on the exercise book."

Guan Zhichen did not think it was a number. Many people, including Lu Chongshan, assumed that Little Treasure was probably doodling his circles.

Ning Xi squatted down and spoke to the little bun gently. "Little Master, you cant do it this way. He doesnt understand how to solve the question, so you have to write down all the steps in detail, then only you can help him!"

Little Treasure blinked and looked at his mother, then he started scribbling on the exercise book obediently

As Little Treasure started to write more and more, the crowd was surprised. Their surprise soon turned into shock, and in the end, they were terrified, not believing what they were seeing

Mo Lingtian was especially bewildered. He opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, "Wow! Did Archimedes just possess Little Treasure?"

Guan Ziyao took a glance and tried to say something, but she did not dare to bother Little Treasure

Suddenly, everyone was focused on the little boy, there was pin-drop silence.

Little Treasure was totally focused in his own world, unaffected by the intense stares on him, his little hands writing rows and rows of complicated formulae non-stop

Finally, Little Treasure was done. He then put down the answer "0" at the end and looked up at his mother with inquiring eyes.

Ning Xi gave the little bun a big smile and passed the exercise book to Guan Zhichen. "Little Master Guan, please check if you can understand this time."

In the blank space of the exercise book, Little Treasure had clearly explained the steps to solve the equation because Aunty Xiao Xi specifically mentioned to him to write it in detail. He even used arrows to point out a few formulas, and included some messages in brackets, as if he was teaching a kindergarten child.

Soon, the exercise book was passed around the crowd.

Little Treasures solution was so detailed that even the underachievers could understand it and they praised him.

"This is really amazing! Even I understand it! I thought Im not comparable to a 13-year-old, but I was wrong...even a five-year-old is better than I am"

"The way he solved it is really brilliant! Its not a conventional method, is it?"

"Ms. Guan, what do you think? Is he correct?"

Guan Ziyao looked through the exercise book, then looked at the little guy in Ning Xis arms in total shock. She spoke hesitantly, "Its completely correct, every step is perfect, there's no mistake at all"

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