Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 850

It was as if she just saw a shadow of Lu Tingxiao back in time; the way they solved questions was the same

But Little Treasure was only five years old! This was shocking

The crowd was surprised as they heard what Guan Ziyao said!

Impossible! This little guy actually solved it?

Not only that, Guan Ziyao even gave him such high approval! Unbelievable!

Since they all witnessed Little Treasure write down all the steps on his own, they could not help but believe it

Compared to Guan Ruis obvious plan to show off his grandson, Little Treasures unintentional show was much more impactful. Suddenly, everyone was talking to Lu Chongshan about him

"Elder Lu! Youre really hiding some good stuff! No wonder you always dont let us see him! Your grandson is really a genius!"

"The genes from the Lu family is outstanding!"


"This is not just brilliant! Hes already on another level! I was probably still playing with mud when I was five"

As the praises kept on flowing in, Lu Chongshan was unable to put his feelings into words. He felt like a burden had just been lifted from his chest.

"You all really misunderstood me, I really dont know about this talent of his. Probably the child learned on his own when he was flipping through the books! Qingyu is like his father, always having his own ideas, so he just explores things on his own!" Lu Chongshan replied.

"You dont even need to do anything, hes already great on his own! So, it is true that geniuses act differently from others!"

"As expected of the Lu family! If it wasnt for the maid just now, we would never have known how smart this kid is"

"Dont you know low-key showing off is the coolest?"

"Someone mentioned that Guan Zhichen was even better than Lu Tingxiao...yet he cant even be compared to his five-year-old son."

The ladies were staring at the little bun with excitement. "Oh my god, Lu Tingxiaos genes are so amazing! Id like to have some, my ovaries are exploding!"

"Youre so dirty-minded!"

"What?! Dont tell me you didnt think about that!"

"So what if we got it? Can you ensure that your own genes dont mess up the babys IQ? Speaking of which, Im really curious about this childs mother, her genes must be exceptional as well"

Lu Jingli saw everything as he stepped into the room as Ning Xi just controlled the crowd quietly and brilliantly. "Impressive! Bro Xis acting was really impressive! She just gave the Guan family a slap in the face"

Now, he understood why she chose to wear the maid outfit and stay by Little Treasure! He also realized who the main character of the night was!

Lu Tingxiao was looking calm, his expression practically radiating with "look how great my wife is."

"Does Xiao Xi Xi not think about what could happen if Little Treasure didnt know how to solve it?" Lu Jingli suddenly asked.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at him, then replied expressionlessly, "Do you think my son would be that useless?"

Lu Jingli was speechless.

The lovey-dovey devil was now showing off his son

How could Lu Jingli live on anymore!?

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