Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 852

Guan Rui slapped Guan Zhichen hard.

"Shut up! I told you to apologize! Did you hear me? It doesnt matter if people gossip about it. How could you believe them that easily? How does Qingyu look like hes sick?"

No matter how much he loved his grandson, he had to do something in order to keep the situation under control.

Guan Rui had something else on his mind. Although what happened today might make Lu Chongshan unhappy, Lu Qingyu had become completely useless after today, one competitor to the position of successor easily removed.

Too bad he had to treat Zhichen this way

Guan Zhichen was stunned, unable to believe what just happened. "Grandfather...you slapped me"

Although Guan Rui was always strict with him in public, he was always kind and nice to him at home. It was the first time in his life that his grandfather had slapped him, all because of this stupid dumb kid!

Since Guan Rui had taken such drastic measures, it would be inappropriate for Lu Chongshan to blame the child even further. Lu Chongshan gripped his walking staff tightly. "Its okay, Zhichen is still young, let him off."

"But that was really hurtful! Zhichen, you should really apologize to Little Treasure." Yan Ruyi was heartbroken as she saw Ning Xi holding Little Treasure tightly. She wished she had not let Little Treasure appear tonight! She had overestimated this woman and forgot that the unpredictable might happen

She would rather keep Little Treasure hidden at home and never see anyone, rather than to let him get hurt. After all, they could afford to provide Little Treasure for his whole life!

Guan Ziyao knew that even though Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi would overlook this matter on the surface, they would surely be unhappy, so she helped to persuade Guan Zhichen, "Zhichen, be good, go and apologize to Qingyu, its your fault!"

"Thats right, Qingyu is younger than you, and you should be the one protecting him" Mo Lingtian lectured Guan Zhichen.

"Damn you, Guan Zhichen! What kind of kid is that!? Im a kid as well! Im going to beat him up! That old fart Guan Rui must be doing this on purpose!" Lu Jingli could not hold it in anymore and was about to rush in when he was stopped by Lu Tingxiao.

"Bro, what are you doing!? Your son, my nephew is being bullied!" Lu Jingli was furious.

Lu Tingxiao just looked at Little Treasure and Ning Xi silently without any expression.

Guan Zhichen could not stand that everyone was helping the dumb kid, so he freed himself from Guan Ziyao and yelled, "Hes autistic, hes sick, hes dumb! If not, why is he not talking!? If he can talk to me, only then will I apologize! If not, I will never apologize! Im not wrong!"

Guan Zhichen was forcing Little Treasure to talk, his yelling filled the silent banquet hall

Sometime later

Guan Rui achieved what he intended. As he was about to have someone to send Guan Zhichen back home first, there was a young yet cold voice in the air: "Youre not worthy."

That voice sounded childish and slightly hoarse, yet it was so impactful and drove a chill into everyones ears and hearts

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