Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 853


Everyone was stunned.

Guan Ziyao looked surprised. Guan Zhichen, who was still yelling a moment ago, was silenced.

He had really spoken

This dumb kid actually said that he was not worthy of him to speak!

Guan Ruis confidence was shattered in an instant.

How was that possible!?

He had spent a lot of time investigating the child even before he came back to the country and he was sure that the kidnap had left a severe psychological scar on the child, leaving him mute in the past two years

He even had such a low self-esteem and ran away by just listening to Guan Ziyao and Yan Ruyis conversation, yet now, not only did he not lose control, he even spoke

The tables had turned.

"So...so cool" someone from the crowd commented.

The comment worked like a switch and it sparked exciting discussions

"Oh my God! He is just five years old! He looks so soft and cute, but that moment was just so cool!"

"I want to marry him! I wish I had been born 10 or 20 years later!"

"Lu Tingxiao is too hard to deal with, I hope Little Treasure doesnt mind a girl older than him"

Little Treasures fluffy face had the same expression as his father. He did not even look at Guan Zhichen and just walked away from the crowd calmly while holding Ning Xis hand.

The small silhouette left a large impact.

"Oh...Little Treasure is so neat!" Lu Jingli hugged his own brother.

Lu Tingxiao looked through the crowd and his eyes met Ning Xis. He pushed Lu Jingli away as his cold expression softened like the snow melting in spring.

"Is it just me or did that feel satisfying? Guan Zhichen was overdoing it just now. Even if Little Treasure is really autistic, he really shouldnt be doing that! Hes forcing him to talk! How could he talk if hes autistic? Does he feel very happy to prove that Little Treasure is sick?"

"Thats right, so what if hes a genius? How can a top student really be so rude? It was just only one question that he couldnt solve and he got that angry! Who does he think he is? The world doesnt revolve around him!"

"Not only is he jealous, hes very unkind as well...what was he thinking when talking to a five-year-old kid? The Little Master was right, hes not worthy!"

"Thank goodness it was just rumors. The Little Master is well, and extremely talented! His IQ and EQ is way superior than Guan Zhichen's!"

Some people were unhappy with Guan Zhichens behavior, especially when they saw a cute child like Little Treasure being bullied. Their motherly instincts surfaced and they harshly criticized Guan Zhichens personality.

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