Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 855

From the beginning, she had disagreed with her fathers decision to bring Zhichen over. With Little Treasures fragile condition, bringing Zhichen along felt like bragging. However, her father mentioned that it had been too long since they appeared before them and that they needed a stage to show the Lu family the good genes of the Guan family, so she had agreed as she felt it was beneficial for her

She thought Little Treasure would not show up tonight and that even if he did, he would probably just appear for a little while. Who would have known that things would escalate to this stage? What went wrong?

That womans face appeared in Guan Ziyaos mind.

Acting as a servant who brought Little Treasure over to solve the question...she was not stupid at all, she had it planned all along! She actually devised a plan to embarrass them! She and her father had underestimated her greatly!

Guan Rui realized that as well and they looked at each other and tensed up, keeping their guard up. Who knew what else would that woman do tonight!?

"Could Little Treasures quick recovery be all because of that woman?" Guan Ziyao mumbled while frowning.

Guan Ruis expression darkened. "That woman went to an unknown university in America at first, then somehow she got into the University of South California. But she majored in performing arts! How could she cure the child when Qin Mufeng, a professional psychiatrist, had no clue how to help? From that kids aura to the way he talks, he doesnt seem to have any problems!"

Although he did not want to admit it, this kid was much better than Zhichen. One day, he would surely surpass his father, Lu Tingxiao

Such an amazing grandchild! No wonder Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were so protective towards him

The worst part was that the Guan family had always had the upper hand because the Lu family felt guilty towards them as Lu Tingxiao now had a child and even a girlfriend. However, after today, the tables had turned and he had to behave himself for some time to carefully get back on the good side of the Lu family.

As for that child, he would need a strategy

The banquet was ending and the guests presented their gifts to Lu Chongshan. Guan Rui let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, his gift today was going to be impactful.

"Bro Lu, I know that you love calligraphy. I accidentally found this work by Wang Zhiyi when I was overseas and I immediately thought of you when I saw it. It took me quite some effort to get it back here, youll surely like it!" Guan Rui told Lu Chongshan.

Lu Chongshan was a calligrapher himself. He was very well-versed in the area of calligraphy and drawings, even reaching the level of a fanatic collector, so this gift hit his soft spot.

Lu Chongshan took it carefully and looked through it again and again. He was extremely surprised. "Bro Guan, your gift is too much for me!"

This was a priceless work of art and most of them had gone overseas. Not only did you need money and power to acquire them, one also needed luck as it was not easy to come across something this precious!

Guan Rui smiled at him. "Youre welcome, our close relationship is worth more than this, and its not that expensive anyway, I was just lucky!"

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