Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 856

Looking at the priceless calligraphy piece, the crowd was impressed although it was expected of Guan Rui

"Are you kidding me? Not expensive? I remember this was auctioned in Zurich for $500 million!"

"Seems like the Guan family has been doing really well overseas in the recent years!"

"Dont you see how close were Guan Ziyao and Yan Ruyi just now? They might even be merging!"

"Really? I thought Lu Chongshan intends to have a marriage relationship with the Zhuang family!"

"The Zhuangs are usually more geared towards families with a political and military background, and no matter how strong the Lu familys assets are, they are still businessmen...I dont think its possible"

Seeing that Guan Rui had given him such a priceless gift, Lu Chongshans expression softened as he realized he was still seen as an important friend to the Guans.

Of course, nonetheless, the gift he was looking forward to the most was Little Treasures gift!

"Little Treasure, didnt you say you have a gift for me? What is it?" Lu Chongshan asked nervously.

Little Treasure looked up at his parents.

Lu Tingxiao signaled to the servants, then they arranged some papers and calligraphy tools. Everyone gathered around. It seemed like the Little Master was going to write some calligraphy of his own! While it was definitely a filial act, it seemed a little normal especially after the priceless gift from Guan Rui.

Ning Xi quietly prepared the ink for Little Treasure while Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli each spread a long sheet of paper and stood in front of Little Treasure.

The crowd realized that the maid had prepared two calligraphy brushes

Was one a spare?

Little Treasure used his small hands to pick up the brushes, one in each hand. He looked at the papers in front of him and calmed himself down, then put both the brushes on both of the papers at the same time.

What was he doing? Everyone was curious.

Little Treasure was actually writing with both hands at the same time! He finished the calligraphy in one go; on the left, he wrote "Blessings from the Eastern Sea" and on the right, he wrote "Longevity as the Southern Mountain"...

After they realized what Little Treasure had done, they were all astounded!

"He can write two different things at the same time!"

"And that was amazing! Such powerful ambidextrous talent from a five-year-old!"

"Dont you guys remember that Lu Chongshan himself is a calligraphy artist? His grandson wouldnt be too shabby!"

"Oh my god...Im shocked...this child has gathered all the essence of the Lu family"

Little Treasures calligraphy had been taught by Lu Chongshan, but although he knew Little Treasure was pretty good at it, he was unaware of his ability to write two different scrolls at the same time. What was more shocking was that Little Treasures wrist was not strong enough to write properly. His calligraphy might look nice but it had been lacking in many aspects earlier

In just a few days, Little Treasures calligraphy had become so powerful that it was really shocking to him. His impression of Ning Xi changed.

He was worried that staying with the woman might have a negative impact on Little Treasure, but not only he was able to talk, his body coordination seemed to have improved by leaps and bounds.

He was sure that Little Treasure had gone through some sort of training. If not, it was impossible for him to write this well!

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