Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 858

Zhuang Liaoyuan was looking at her maid's outfit and was angry. "Lu Tingxiao! Youre his girlfriend, yet you had to wear this on his fathers birthday?"

Ning Xi finally realized what Zhuang Liaoyuan meant, so she quickly explained, "Well, no! Its not like that...Chief Zhuang, youve misunderstood! Theres some reasoning behind it, but its not him that made me wear like this!"

"Is he not planning to announce your relationship with him?" Zhuang Liaoyuans expression was serious.

Ning Xi frowned a little. Was this question not too personal?

However, looking at Zhuang Liaoyuans persistent face, she could sense his good intentions, so Ning Xi hesitated but still replied him in the end, "Were not announcing our relationship mainly due to my career. You should know being an actress isnt easy"

Zhuang Liaoyuans expression softened, then he continued, "I watched your movie, you acted really well."

Ning Xis eyes widened. "Wh...what...you watched my movie? 'The World'?"

Zhuang Liaoyuan nodded. "Yes, you played the character of the female general really well!"

Ning Xi was really excited. She blushed a little and replied gratefully, "Thank you! Thank you for your praise!"

She thought Zhuang Liaoyuan would look down on her after he knew about her career, but not only did he not, he even praised her acting

His expression was genuine; he really thought she did very well.

"You didnt use any stunt doubles in the movie did you?" Zhuang Liaoyuan asked.

Ning Xi nodded and replied embarrassingly, "No, I didn't."

"Thats a surprise. Do you have a background in martial arts?" Zhuang Liaoyuan was interested.

The atmosphere softened as the topic shifted to acting.

Ning Xi became more relaxed now. "Not exactly, I just learned a little. I was a stunt double before I officially become an actress. I always played similar characters when I was acting as stunt double overseas, they are really impressed by kung fu from China, and most of the time, they needed Eastern characters with good skills!"

"Thats impressive...working on your own overseas at such a young age.," Zhuang Liaoyuan commented.

With her capabilities, there were so much more she could do to support herself, yet she chose the most difficult path.

Ning Xi had forgotten when was the last time someone had been so concerned about her and she was touched. She smiled at him. "Well, acting is my dream. Im just doing what I love, its not really difficult!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan nodded. "Sounds about right!"

This child was really good, and she had a great attitude as well!

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked impressed, then he spoke in a serious tone, "Little girl, youre a smart person. You should know that the Lu family doesnt really suit you. I wont say anything further about it, but just remember, if one day, you change your mind, do come and look for me. I have a lot of outstanding single men, each one of them talented on his own. Therell surely be one that you like!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Zhuang Liaoyuan was practically telling her, "Time to give up on Lu Tingxiao! I have a lot of good men for you"...

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