Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 860

"Well...that" Ning Xi softened her tone as she patted his back. "That day will surely come! Dont be impatient!"

"Ning Xi, Ive said before that the only thing you need to consider is if you really love me, and it still applies right now. As long as you agree, no one and nothing can stop you from becoming my wife."

Lu Tingxiao was promising her that no family influence or interference from any other sources would affect his decision.

"I know...dont listen to Zhuang Liaoyuan. He just doesnt know whats going on and he probably said that because he thought you did not want to announce our relationship to the public...speaking of which, I wonder what he meant earlier?" Ning Xi was curious.

"He probably investigated your identity after what happened at the shooting range the other day," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Ning Xi frowned a little. "You mean...he knows that Im the adopted daughter of the Ning family...or that he knows Im actually his niece? So, hes just asking out of concern? But the Zhuangs dont even acknowledge Zhuang Lingyu now. Could they really be concerned about someone whos not even acknowledged by Zhuang Lingyu?"

This did not make sense at all

"Dont you realize that Zhuang Liaoyuan likes you a lot?" Lu Tingxiao said with an unhappy expression.

When his own treasure was being eyed by someone else, it irritated him!

"Eh? Really?" Ning Xi was surprised. She felt that Zhuang Liaoyuan was just being gentle and kind towards her.

"It's all because of your talent in shooting. He had no hope left for his useless son anymore, so he put his hopes on you and he probably hasnt given up on recruiting you into his team, so you had better stay away from him," Lu Tingxiao warned.

"Oh" Ning Xi nodded. "Ive already said that I will not join that team! Moreover, Id lose my freedom staying there. If Im forbidden from seeing you for few weeks, I might really miss you until I exhaust myself!"

Lu Tingxiaos stern face softened. He hugged her and kissed her cheek, then he looked at her. "Ning Xi, remember what you say today. That day will never come. Ill not let you have the chance to change your mind."

"Oh...Im sorry! Am I interrupting?" Lu Jingli covered his eyes with his hands.

"Whats the matter?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Yes! Seems like someones here for trouble! Go out and take a look"

A while later, Lu Jingli, Lu Tingxiao, and Ning Xi stood in their front yard.

There was a big bouquet of black flowers, dew on the petals refracting through the dim light, bringing a sense of uneasiness.

"This is" Looking at the bouquet of flowers, Ning Xi frowned. "If Im not mistaken, this is a black Thorn Apple?"

Lu Jingli affirmed, "Yes, giving this black and unfortunate flower on someones birthday, someones clearly looking for trouble!"

Ning Xi glanced at Lu Tingxiao and felt uneasy.

She remembered the meaning of the black Thorn Apple...revenge

Was she overthinking?

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