Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 863

After a while, the old couple came back to their senses.

"That...that brat! Did he really just talk to his parents like that?" Yan Ruyi was very annoyed, then she nervously glanced at Lu Chongshan. "Chongshan...do you think TIngxiao was serious?"

"How would I know!?" Lu Chongshan was speechless.

"I think that its really possible...if not why would your son be this loyal to that woman?"

Lu Chongshans expression darkened and he remained silent. If it was Lu Jingli who had said that, he would have slapped him, but this came from his eldest son and judging from what happened this recent year, it might be true

Five years ago, they were too worried and even resorted to some extreme methods, which made things worse. He ended up avoiding women and there might really have been some severe effects

Yan Ruyi suddenly thought of something excitedly and paced around the room. "Ah, a grandchild...itd be nice to have a granddaughter! That girl looks quite pretty...her daughter would be really pretty as well...then, Little Treasure wouldnt be alone anymore"

Lu Chongshan grumbled as he heard Yan Ruyi mumbling to herself, "What are you thinking about?"

Although he sounded angry about the proposition of Ning Xi becoming his grandkids' mother, he was looking forward to it himself as well. He did not have a daughter and his sons were all worrisome, so if he could have a cute granddaughter

No way! Stop it! He was not going to fall into that brats trap!

Nevertheless, Lu Tingxiaos tactic was effective. The seed of the image of the granddaughter was already planted in their minds

Ah, a cute granddaughter

At Platinum Palace, Ning Xi carefully put the fast asleep Little Treasure on the bed and covered him with the sheets.

Ning Xi stayed beside the bed and stared at the little buns fluffy white face. "Lu Tingxiao, dont you think our Little Treasure was really cool tonight?"

"Yeap, just like me," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Looking at Lu Tingxiaos solemn face, Ning Xi laughed. "Mmm, thats right, just like you."

"Speaking of which, it was all thanks to you for saving the night. I almost couldnt hold myself back when Guan Zhichen yelled at Little Treasure but then you gave me a signal...but what if Little Treasure didnt speak up at that moment?" Ning Xi asked.

"Ill recheck our DNA again.," Lu Tingxiao replied.

"Ugh" Ning Xi was speechless. He was really confident in his genes. Was he trying to imply that Lu Tingxiaos son would not be that useless?

"Its alright now, Little Treasures really your child. Like father, like son! Haha!"

"Ning Xi." Lu Tingxiao was suddenly staring at her.

"Mmm, whats up?"

Lu Tingxiao looked hesitant. "Do...do you mind?"

"Mind what?" Ning Xi looked confused.

"That Little Treasure is not your real child." Lu Tingxiao looked slightly nervous when asking.

Ning Xi blinked and replied almost instantly, "Why would I mind?! I wouldnt mind even if Little Treasures not your real child!"

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