Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 868

Ning Xi was surprised to see him. She threw her bags aside and went straight to him.

"Boss, youre back!"

Lu Tingxiao put his laptop on the table and carefully pulled her onto his lap. "I brought you some gifts."

"I dont need any, youre my best gift!"

Lu TIngxiao smiled. "Do you have honey on your mouth?"

"Want to have a taste?"

Lu Tingxiaos eyes looked away. "I remember...your leg is not completely healed"

Ning Xi was suddenly nervous. "N...no! Theres still a scar! Look!"

Lu Tingxiao squinted at her. "Did you use the ointment I gave you before?"

"Ive been using it everyday! My body usually doesn't scar for too long, dont worry!"

"Did you go for a movie?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Wow! How did you know?" Ning Xi was surprised again.

Lu Tingxiao glanced over at one of her bags she had tossed aside. It was a small gift from the premiere with the name of the movie printed on it.

"Ah, yes"

"With who?"

"Uhh...Jiang Muye" Ning Xi felt that it was best not to lie to the devil.


"It was totally for working purposes. I played a small role in his film."

"What character?"

Why did the devil always ask such key questions?

Ning Xi hesitated. "His first love"

Before Lu Tingxiao could say anything, Ning Xi quickly continued, "I was only on screen for a few minutes. Our ending lasted only a few minutes in this movie and it was absolutely terrible!"

Although Ning Xi felt her explanation was childish, it was useful. Lu Tingxiaos expression softened.

"Oh, have you visited Little Treasure?" Ning Xi asked.

"I came over right after I landed."

"Are you really his father?" Ning Xi clarified, "Ah, Little Treasure didnt say anything after that incident at the dinner that day"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her solemnly. "Powerful skills usually need cool down time."

Ning Xi laughed. "Boss, you even know about this! Do you play games as well?"

This analogy was too fitting!

"A little." Actually to establish a common language with her, he had been learning about technical gaming terms that were frequently used online.

The next morning, Ning Xi woke up early and checked all the documents she had prepared before she changed into a smart outfit. Then, she went to the main branch of SF Company, one of her biggest potential clients.

SF was a retailer that focused on high-class luxury items and it was a very well-known brand. In fact, many designers had become popular through SF.

Ning Xi had scheduled a meeting with them half a month ago. During this few weeks, she researched and studied negotiation-related skills and she even spent a few sleepless nights on her proposal.

"Hello, Im the person behind Spirit Studio, Ning Xi. Ive scheduled a meeting with CEO Wang today."

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