Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 869

"Spirit Studio? Did you make a booking?" The secretary frowned at Ning Xi.


"Wait, let me check" The secretary flipped through the schedule, running her fingernail down the page. "Oh, theres a note down here, but CEO Wang is not here at the moment. He's gone outstation."

"What? Outstation?" Ning Xis expression changed.

Could he not have at least notified her even if it was an emergency? She had even declined an event invitation from Ling Zhizhi for this

The secretary showed no sign of apology and continued to work on her own stuff. "Please come again next time."

"Then...when will be the next available time? When will CEO Wang be back?" Ning Xi asked again.

"I'm not sure, just wait for a notice."

Despite such a long period of preparation, she had to make another appointment again. She did not expect it to go smoothly, but the fact that she could not even meet up made her feel defeated

Oh well, she could only wait.

As Ning Xi sat by the seaside watching the waves, she felt slightly better. Just when she was prepared to go back, she saw an old man standing by the railing. He had a walking stick and white hair, but his pose looked firmly grounded. The old man was looking at the sea and seemed to be worrying about something.

Ning Xi felt a somewhat special aura coming from him, then she continued walking.

Suddenly, an old-school ringtone rang. The old man picked up the phone and his expression changed. He looked like he was in pain, then he collapsed on the floor

Ning Xi immediately reacted by rushing up to him and holding him. "Sir! Sir! Whats wrong?"

The old man was clasping his chest and his face was turning purple. Clearly, he was having difficulty breathing. It seemed like he was having a heart attack!

As Ning Xi was about to ask him if he brought any medication with him, she saw a white little bottle rolling away from the old mans shaky hand and falling into the water

Before her brain could process it, Ning Xi jumped into the water and grabbed it before it could sink deeper.

Ning Xi quickly opened the bottle after she got onto land. "How many?"

Fortunately, the old man was still conscious and he mouthed, "Three".

Ning Xi fed him the medicine and did some emergency relief procedure on him. After a while, the old man recovered to breathe regularly.

Ning Xi was wet from the sea and her sweat. She sighed in relief as the old man recovered. "Sir, Ill get you to the hospital!"

"N...no" The old man was stuttering but he was firm. "Young lady, please...send me...to 7...Chang An Street!"

"You really dont want to go to the hospital? But"

"Its okay, I know...whats happening with my body...young lady...please...quickly"

Ning Xi realized the old man was really determined about his decision, and it seemed like an urgent request, so she got her car and sped him to the address he had mentioned.

As they were about to reach the destination, Ning Xi was confused.

Chang An Street

Was that not a military compound?

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