Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 871

Ning Xi stayed outside the entrance out of courtesy.

It was only now that Zhuang Keer and Zhuang Liaoyuan noticed her. She was dressed in a female outfit now, so they did not recognize her and Zhuang Liaoyuan was surprised when he saw her.

As Zhuang Zongren saw Ning Xi, he was regretful for having forgotten all about her. "Keer, quickly get this lady upstairs for a warm shower and get her a change of clothes! I suffered a heart attack just now by the sea and my medicine fell into the sea. She bravely jumped in and picked it up for me, even sending me all the way back here!"

He then glared at Zhuang Rongguang who was still on the floor. "If it wasnt for her, I might not even be here alive!"

Zhuang Keer was full of gratitude. "I see! Im really grateful, thank you! Quickly follow me upstairs for a shower!"

Ning Xi replied, "Its alright, I can go back and change."

"You might catch a cold! Your wet clothes have to be changed now!"

"Its my fault, I only remembered to teach this brat a lesson and forgot her clothes are still wet" Zhuang Zongren said guiltily.

"Your health is important. Follow Keer," Zhuang Liaoyuan instructed in a serious tone.

Since he said so, Ning Xi did not reject and she nodded. "Excuse me."

As Ning Xi was talking to them, the teenager tried to run again, but Zhuang Liaoyuan already had summoned some men over. Two soldiers in uniform grabbed Zhuang Rongguang by his arms

As he passed Ning Xi, Zhuang Rongguang glared at her. "You witch! I"

Before he could finish, Zhuang Liaoyuan slapped him. "Nonsense!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan in rage mode was really scary. He probably would really have killed him if Zhuang Zongren had not gotten back in time. Zhuang Rongguang remained silent and was brought inside.

"Sorry for that." Zhuang Liaoyuans expression softened as he turned to Ning Xi.

"Its alright" Ning Xi quickly followed Zhuang Keer upstairs.

Zhuang Zongren was looking at Ning Xi. He gripped his walking stick and sighed with a little envy in his eyes. "I wonder what family could have brought up such a good child"

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked at his father and stayed silent.

"This lady has good reflexes. When she jumped into the water to save the medicine for me, she took less than five seconds." Zhuang Zongren was impressed.

"Her shooting is even better!" Zhuang Liaoyuan nodded.

"Do you know her?" Zhuang Zongren asked.

"I've seen her a few times, shes Lu Tingxiaos girlfriend."

"No wonder you told Jingzhi to stop considering marriage to Lu Tingxiao after you came back the last time"

Upstairs, Zhuang Keer brought Ning Xi to her room. "Take a shower quickly! Ill get you some clothes!"

"Alright, thank you."

"Youre welcome, we should be thanking you instead!"

Ning Xi went into the bathroom, removed her wet clothes and took a shower.

When she came out in a shower robe, Zhuang Keer had already prepared her a clean set of clothes. There was even a bowl of ginger soup to warm her up. She was really a caring girl.

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