Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 872

Zhuang Keer was a little stunned when she saw Ning Xi who had just come out of the shower. Ning Xi was dressed in pyjamas, her naturally curly black hair still a little damp, and her fair skin glowing pink. It was enough to make Zhuang Keers heart race

Zhuang Keer returned to her senses and said, "Well...we should be about the same bra siz, so I brought you mine. They are new and Ive not worn them before. The same goes for the clothes as well. Heres some ginger soup, have some!"


Ning Xi changed and held the bowl of hot ginger soup in her hands, feeling very comfortable. She did not feel like moving at all.

Zhuang Keers room was very comfortable to look at, consisting mainly of a warm, yellow with lacy sheets and a plush mattress. The way she dressed was very ladylike. She brought Ning Xi a pink dress and a brown knee-length coat, both of which were made of really warm materials.

Zhuang Keer smiled when she saw Ning Xi curled up like a cat. "Feeling better?"

Ning Xi nodded.

"My name is Zhuang Keer, but you can just call me Keer. I still dont know what your name is!" Zhuang Keer peered at her curiously.

Ning Xi noticed that the way she looked at her was rather odd and she was afraid that her male disguise had been found out, so she mumbled, "Im Ning Xi"

Zhuang Keer jumped as if she was expecting this answer. "Its really you! The actress who acted as Meng Changge?"

"Uhh...yes" So, she just recognized her as Ning Xi the actress...phew!

"I forcefully dragged my father to watch the movie with me. He usually only watches anti-Japanese war movies and he was really against it at first, but afterwards he really liked your character in the movie!"

"Thank you!"

"May I have your signature?" Zhuang Keer started to scramble for her notebook.

When Ning Xi saw Zhuang Keer at Lu Jinglis party the last time, she gave off a cold vibe. Who would have expected that she could be this friendly!?

Zhuang Keer brought her a pink notebook and pen. Ning Xi could not reject her bright smile and signed it for her.

As she was returning the notebook back to her, a photo suddenly dropped out. Ning Xi picked it up and wanted to give it back to Zhuang Keer, but then she was shocked when she caught a glimpse of it

What even!?

The person in the picture

Was it not her?

And it was her in a male outfit!

When she looked closely at the background and her outfit, it seemed like what she wore on the day of Lu Jinglis party, and from the angle it was taken, it was likely a candid shot...

"Ah! Give it back!" Zhuang Keer took it back embarrassed and she looked really nervous.

Ning Xi had no words to describe her feelings right now

She remembered her conversation with Zhuang Keer the last time.

"I know its not my place to ask...but...is it true that...you and Lu Tingxiao...have that kind of relationship?"

"So what if its true or fake?"

"If its true, Ill give up. Im really confident in getting Lu Tingxiao. But because of you, Id give up...I...wont be your opponent"

So, Ning Xi in her male disguise had accidentally stole Zhuang Keers heart?

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