Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 873

Ning Xi asked hesitantly, "The guy in the picture is your?"

Zhuang Keers eyes were sparkling as she said proudly, "Hes my idol! Isnt he the coolest?"

"Uhh...yeah...he looks pretty cool" Ning Xi forced a laugh.

"Too bad, no matter how cool he is...he already has a boyfriend"

Ning Xi started coughing.

Zhuang Keer looked at Ning Xi then sighed, "I wonder...why do all the cool guys nowadays have boyfriends?"

Ning Xi was speechless.

"Do you know who my idols boyfriend is?" Zhuang Keer asked secretively.

Ning Xi shook her head innocently. "I dont know...who?"

"Its one of my blind dates from before!"

"Such...a coincidence?" Ning Xi gave her a surprised expression.

Zhuang Keer held her chin and mumbled, "My father introduced me to a few people, all of whom are in the military. My dads from the military, my grandfathers from the military, so are my grea-grandfather and great-grandmother...I dont want to be with a person from the military as well! Can you understand where I'm coming from?"

Ning Xi nodded.

"Afterwards, my mother finally arranged for me to meet a person whos not from the military and I was actually quite interested in him but he wasn't. He didnt even come to see me willingly, but that's a good challenge, right? One time, his brother organized a party, so I wanted to give myself an opportunity to bond with him. I attended the party...and that's where I met my idol

"I accidentally sprained my ankle and almost fell into the pool,". Can you imagine that people were waiting for me to embarrass myself? I felt so ashamed and at that moment, he appeared! You have no idea how cool he was!" Zhuang Keer shook Ning Xis arm excitedly as she spoke.

Ning Xi remained silent

I know

Sometimes, Im impressed by my coolness as well

Zhuang Keer blushed a little; she was totally in her fangirl mode. "And hes really gentle and caring! He saw that I'd sprained my ankle, so he massaged some ointment on them. Right there and then, I fell in love and I swore to myself that Ill marry no one other than him! Then...I realized that hes in a relationship with my blind date! He likes men! I

"Uh...sorry, I got a little too excited" Zhuang Keer finally noticed that she was not her usual self, then she quickly released Ning Xis arms and sat back in her ladylike posture.

"Its alright" Ning Xi replied while rubbing her nose in guilt.

Zhuang Keer looked at Ning Xi embarrassedly. "Im not really that likeable...I dont always have many friends around me...and I dont really have someone to talk to about these things...for some reason, I feel that youre really friendly and I even have this feeling that weve met somewhere before, so I just rattled on to you"

Ning Xi gently looked at the girl and smiled. "Thats not true, Miss Zhuang, you're very cute!"

She was from a renowned military family, so it was normal for her personality to be a little cold and always acting upright. She had to be her perfect self in front of everyone, which might be interpreted as being unfriendly.

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