Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 876

"And this is...?" Zhuang Zongren looked at the man in the black suit with his sharp eyes.

"General Zhuang, pardon my intrusion, Im Xiao Xis boyfriend."

"Oh...the kid from the Lu family! Youre here for Little Girl Xi!" Zhuang Zongren exclaimed.


Ning Xi stood up and went to Lu Tingxiao. "Elder Zhuang, Uncle Zhuang, Keer, thank you for the dinner, Ill be leaving now!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan stayed silent.

Zhuang Zongren thought that Zhuang Liaoyuan was unhappy because Lu Tingxiao and Keer did not get together, but he did not pay much attention to it. "Alright then, be careful on the way back."

Suddenly, the quiet Zhuang Keer suddenly stood up, her chair making a screeching sound against the floor. She shouted, "Lu Tingxiao, youre too much!"

Upon Zhuang Keers howl, everyone looked at her.

Zhuang Zongren looked aghast. "Keer, dont be rude!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan frowned and had a suspicion about his daughter's irrational behavior. Even if Lu Tingxiao chose another woman, she would never act this irrationally.

Zhuang Keer ran over and pulled Ning Xi to her side. "Xiao Xi, dont believe him! Hes lying to you! He"

He likes men!

Although she was angry, she did not want to reveal someones secret publicly. She looked at Ning Xi worriedly. "Anyway, please trust me, Xiao Xi, hes not a good man. Hes cheating!"

"What?" Zhuang Zongren and Zhuang Liaoyuan were both shocked.

Lu Tingxiao was expressionless as usual, but his eyebrows were raised and he was looking at Ning Xi. Ning Xi held her forehead and felt that her head was about to explode.

"Well...Keer, this whole thing is a misunderstanding!"

"Theres no misunderstanding! I saw it myself! Xiao Xi, you have to believe me!" The way Zhuang Keer looked at Lu Tingxiao was like she was looking at the worst jerk in the world.

Ning Xi looked at Zhuang Zongren, Zhuang Liaoyuan, and Lu Tingxiao. "Can I have a moment with Keer alone? I have something to explain to her!"

She thought she could made it through without saying anything, but now she definitely had to explain the circumstances!

Zhuang Keer was pleased to hear that, so she quickly brought Ning Xi up to her room.

Downstairs, Lu Tingxiao raised his head as he saw Zhuang Keer pull his wife away and he did not look very happy

Why was everyone taking his wife away from him?

At that moment, Zhuang Liaoyuan looked at Lu Tingxiao with his fierce eyes trained on him. He already felt that his relationship with Guan Ziyao was ambiguous. Did he really do something that had betrayed Xiao Xi?

Upstairs, Zhuang Keer had Ning Xi sit on her bed and she spoke to her in a serious tone, "Xiao Xi, what Im going to tell you might be difficult for you to accept, but you have to be prepared mentally!"

Ning Xi rubbed her temples. "What Im about to tell you will be difficult for you to accept as well. I hope...you can be mentally prepared too!"

"Then, Ill start first!"

"Alright, go on."

Ning Xi was having trouble thinking how to tell her that her idol was a woman in a way that would cause the least damage.

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