Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 877

"Xiao Xi, I dont know what Lu Tingxiao told you, but hes not genuine towards you. He"

Zhuang Keer took a deep breath and said, "Lu Tingxiao doesnt like women, he likes men, and he already has a boyfriend! His boyfriend was the idol I mentioned to you about! Hes just using you to cover up his real sexual orientation! I know this sounds ridiculous but you have to believe me because"

Ning Xi interrupted her, "Lu Tingxiaos boyfriend is me."

"Because I saw them with my own eyes...you...what did you say?" Zhuang Keer looked at her in confusion.

"I said, Keer, Im the man at the party that night"

"What are you saying?" Zhuang Keer had no idea what she was talking about.

Ning Xi rephrased and then explained, "On the party that day, the man with the surname Tang was me. Lu Jingli invited me over, but I had to bring Lu Tingxiaos son as well, so to avoid any misunderstanding I went there in a male outfit. In the end, something unexpected happened and people misunderstood my relationship with Lu Tingxiao"

"Hold on...youre saying, youre Mr. Tang? You cross dressed?" Zhuang Keer tried to reorganize her thoughts.


Zhuang Keer scoffed, "Xiao Xi, you've really charmed by Lu Tingxiao. I know you want to defend him, but rest assured that Ive never told anyone. I really dont want you to be cheated, so I'm telling you about it. You can never be Mr. Tang, Ive seen him"

"Keer, Im really him." Ning Xi almost collapsed out of exasperation. She had no place to change into a male outfit now, so how could she explain this mess?

Zhuang Keer sighed as she regarded the long-haired Ning Xi in her pink dress as a damsel in distress who had lost her mind for love. "Xiao Xi, dont be stubborn. Youre so beautiful and amazing, so why love someone whos not serious about you? Im not discriminating against homosexuality, but using a woman to hide his own sexual orientation is too much"

"Alright, Keer, you said Lu Tingxiao likes men and already has a boyfriend. If you can call that man out and let me talk to him then Ill believe you." Ning Xi realized that no amount of convincing would change Zhuang Keer's mind. She looked at her straight in the eye.

Zhuang Keer frowned a little. "Well...I dont have his contact"

Ning Xi nodded. "Good, you cant call him out? But I can."


The next moment, Ning Xi pushed her over and Zhuang Keer was lying on the bed with Ning Xi on top of her

"Xiao Xi, you"

While Ning Xi was still in her dress, her facial expression and her aura totally changed

Ning Xi used an arm to support her weight while being on top of Keer. Her face had lost the gentleness she had when she was talking to Zhuang Keer just now. It was full of her wildness at the moment as she whispered, "Now...who am I?"

Ning Xis exterior outlook was still a woman but through her eyes, Zhuang Keer could see the image of the man who had charmed her. "You you're"

Someone knocked on the door and came in. "Ning"

Lu Tingxiao saw the both of them on bed and he stood frozen there

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