Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 879

When they reached home, Ning Xi's cheeks were puffed up and judging from her pout, she was obviously unhappy.

Lu Tingxiao's eyes fell on the faint mark on the girl's fair neck that was a result of his loss of control earlier. "Unhappy?"

Ning Xi instantly nodded vigorously.

Who would be jealous of a woman anyway!?

"One day, if you saw me and another man in such a position, would you feel bothered?" Lu Tingxiao said plainly.

"You...you and another man in a situation similar to mine earlier!?" Ning Xi visualized the image in her head for a while and almost started to bleed from her nose. "How could I not be bothered!?"

When he saw the girl's excited little face, it was clear that she was not affected by jealousy...

Lu Tingxiao's eyes flashed with helplessness. "You...? Fine..."

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao's exhausted expression and ran over to him in small steps. "Angry?"

Lu Tingxiao shot her a look. "If I was really angry at you, do you think I would still be alive?"

The way he said that sounded like he would die from anger or something...

She had only caused little ruckuses out of impulse once in a while...and accidentally stole the hearts of girls every now and then...

Shortly after Lu Tingxiao left, Ning Xi worked for a while. As she was about to fall asleep, her phone rang.

She looked at the phone display. It was Zhuang Keer. They had exchanged numbers before this.

Why was she calling at this hour?

Ning Xi suspiciously picked up the call. "Hello, Keer?"

"Xiao Xi, are you sleeping yet? Am I disturbing you?" Zhuang Keer asked carefully.

"No worries, I'm not asleep yet!"


Zhuang Keer did not continue any further.

Ning Xi could only take the initiative to say, "Well, whatever happened before this...I'm really sorry...that I've caused you to misunderstand..."

Zhuang Keer replied softly, "There's nothing to be sorry abou. You had no intention to lie to anyone anyway. On the contrary, I should thank you. Thank you for coming to my rescue that time. I have always...always wanted to thank you face-to-face..."

When she heard the girl's shy and nervous tone from the other end, Ning Xi rubbed her nose and quickly cleared her throat to say, "It's okay, it was just a slight effort on my part."

"Um, Xiao Xi, are you free tomorrow?" Zhuang Keer hesitantly asked again.

"Tomorrow...I have to swing by the company tomorrow. My manager has something to discuss with me and I'm not sure what time I'll finish. Is there...something you need me for?" Ning Xi tried to probe.

"It's nothing...nothing important anyway! We're now considered as friends, aren't we? You know that I don't usually have many friends, so I just wanted to ask you out for shopping and meals or something...it's okay if you are busy! Work comes first!" Zhuang Keer said this with quite a bit of difficulty.

When she heard the girl's obviously disappointed tone trying to be disguised as nonchalance, Ning Xi almost could not help herself and she wanted to immediately agree to everything.

At last, she tactfully said, "Let's hang out when we're free!"

When she said this, the other end of the phone suddenly fell silent for a long while.

Ning Xi frowned. "Hello? Keer, are you still there?"

"Xiao Xi, do you...do you hate me?" Zhuang Keer's voice was shaking slightly.

Upon hearing the voice on the other end on the verge of tears, Ning Xi was shocked and she quickly said, "Of course not! Why would you think so?"

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