Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 880

"I...well, after how I felt towards Lu Tingxiao at that time...at that time, we were...we were technically romantic rivals but now, I...I really don't feel anything towards Lu Tingxiao at all. You have to believe me...can you...not hate me...?" Because Zhuang Keer was too nervous about explaining herself, she was practically slurring at this point.

After all, she was used to being proud and carrying her esteem well, so she had probably never spoken to anyone like this before. With such little experience, she did not know how to befriend someone...

For an arrogant and pampered person to confess their inner feelings was an extremely challenging feat! At the same time, this proved that she really, really cared about Ning Xi!

Ning Xi's heart instantly melted into a mess. Without thinking twice, she immediately said, "Keer, I really don't hate you. In fact, I really like you and I want to befriend you. I really do have errands to run tomorrow and I'm not sure what time I'll finish. How about the day after tomorrow? We can go out for a meal, go shopping, and catch a movie."

"R-really?" Zhuang Keer asked in disbelief and she sounded pleasantly surprised.

"Of course, be there or be square! That's that, then!"



After she hung up, Ning Xi immediately cried when she realized what she had just done and buried her head into the sheets.

Damn it! Why did I not keep it in? Aaaah!

Her heart was exhausted; she had absolutely no restraint against cute girls...

The next night, Ning Xi rushed to Platinum Palace the moment she was done with her errands.

Mmm, time to meet the devil!

Ning Xi had personally cooked a feast and once they were done with dinner, she had fought to wash the dishes too.

At night, after she had coaxed the little bun to sleep, she quickly grabbed the opportunity to cozy up to Lu Tingxiao and massage his shoulders and legs. On the sofa, Lu Tingxiao did not look at her and seemed to be focused on the document in his hands, but in actual fact...

The girl knelt beside him and massaged his legs with just the right amount of force. As she massaged upwards, she would occasionally touch a few sensitive spots. Even if he used the restraint of the world, there was no way he could focus...

Finally, Lu Tingxiao pinched his brows and put the document in his hands aside. His large hand held the girl's wrist and pulled her up, instantly making her sit on his lap.

"Enough, tell me, what is it."

Ning Xi sat on Lu Tingxiao's lap and blinked, then weakly said while looking at her fingers as though they were the most interesting thing in the world, "Um...Big Boss, how did you know that something's up?"

Lu Tingxiao shot her a look with a poker face. "You're unnecessarily eager and attentive..."

Ning Xi broke out in a cold sweat and tried to defend herself. "What!? That's not true! I don't have any evil intentions, okay?!"

Lu Tingxiao's long arms surrounded the girl as he lay on the sofa relaxed, then he asked, "What is it then?"

Ning Xi struggled to choose her words carefully. "Um, well...it's actually nothing really...just that...well, I'm meeting up with Zhuang Keer...to shop and eat tomorrow..."

"If I remember correctly, I made an appointment with you first," Lu Tingxiao pointed out unhappily.

"Right, right! I'm sorry! I only remembered after I agreed to her too quickly, but I've already agreed after all. I really can't bring myself to go back on my words...so..."

"Yet, you can bring yourself to do so with me?" Lu Tingxiao broodily stared at her at this point.

Ning Xi quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and purred against his chin like a cat, "Of course, I can do so with you. Zhuang Keer is an outsider but you're an insider! We're much more intimate with each other, aye?"

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