Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 883

"Who are you?" Zhuang Keer looked arrogantly at the woman who had suddenly walked over to strike up a conversation with her.

"Miss, this is our boss!" the shop assistant beside her quickly introduced.

"Miss Zhuang, my surname's Ning. Here's my name card." Ning Xueluo extended a name card to her, then looked pointedly at the shop assistant and announced, "Miss Zhuang, I'll give you all of these clothes for free!"

Zhuang Keer raised her brows at this sudden generosity. "What are you trying to imply?"

Ning Xueluo smiled benevolently. "The fact that you like History's clothes is our honor, Miss Zhuang. All these clothes would be considered a small sincerity from me! To see our clothes being worn by those who are befitting of them makes me happier than any profit!"

Ying Fangli and Jin Xuanxuan were whispering to each other. "Miss Zhuang...? Which Miss Zhuang is this? So many clothes, they're probably worth hundreds of thousands in total, yet Xueluo is actually giving them away so casually!"

"Her surname is Zhuang...could it be the daughter of that General Zhuang?"

When Jin Xuanxuan thought this, she suitably walked up to strike a conversation. "Miss Zhuang, it's no wonder you like History's clothes. Your charisma is classic, very suitable to wear such a style!"

When she thought about how she could be acquainted with the legendary family's daughter, Ying Fangli did not back down either. "Yeah, especially this moonstone white. It especially suits you!"

"There are some other new designs in the store. Would you like to try them on?"


Ning Xi had completely been pushed to the back. When she saw that Zhuang Keer was buying the clothes, she could not immediately leave, so she sat down on the sofa and thought of leaving with her when she was done...

At that moment, the shop assistants who had tried to assist Ning Xi earlier were very angry as they saw that she still did not want to leave. Furthermore, because they had argued with her, they had lost such a huge business deal.

However, att the same time, there was a VIP present and it was not courteous to chase someone out and disrupt the customer's shopping experience, so they could only stare at her with a condescending gaze.

Ning Xi was in a daze. She held her chin and looked at Zhuang Keer, posing as though she was a man waiting for his girlfriend to be done shopping...

Finally, Zhuang Keer was all wrapped up with shopping.

"Miss Zhuang, I've packed up all of your clothes." The shop assistants arranged a variety of big and small bags of apparels.

"Okay." Zhuang Keer nodded.

Ning Xueluo looked at the clothes, then considerately offered, "It seems a little heavy, Miss Zhuang, I'll get my people send it to your residence later on, alright?"

"No need for that," Zhuang Keer immediately rejected, "Also, thank you for your well intentions, but I won't accept a reward if I don't deserve it, so there's no need to give them to me for free."

Ning Xueluo's initial intention was to be acquainted with Zhuang Keer, and she had achieved that by chatting with her earlier. She knew that Zhuang Keer would not easily accept someone else's gift, so she did not insist on it and asked the shop assistants to give a discount instead. "Please come to visit us again. If there's a latest design the next time, I'll have the shop assistants reserve some for you!"

Ning Xueluo was prepared to send her out when she saw Zhuang Keer did not walk towards the entrance after settling her bill. Instead, she walked towards the direction behind her.

"Xiao Xi!"

"Done shopping?" Ning Xi looked up and smiled to ask.

Zhuang Keer nodded, then she suddenly handed all the bags towards Ning Xi. "Here, for you!"

"Ah?" Ning Xi was stunned. "For me?"

Zhuang Keer pursed her lips shyly. Her eyes were as clear as day and they revealed a gaze like that of a child anticipating praise. "Mmm, all for you! You like this brand's apparels, don't you?"

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