Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 884

When Zhuang Keer was outside earlier, she had seen through the display shelves that Ning Xi was paying a lot of attention towards the clothes. Then when she walked in, she had coincidentally witnessed the scene of her being mocked and ridiculed by the shop assistants and those women, so she could not help but buy those clothes, wanting to give them to her...

When Ning Xi saw the girl's sincere expression of wanting to make her happy and backing her up, she felt her heart about to melt...

How could someone be this cute?!

However, at that moment when they saw this, Ying Fanglin and Jin Xuanxuan were looking at each other, while all the other shop assistants were completely dumbfounded.

They never would have thought that the honored guest that had received such a courteous treatment from their boss would actually know this customer who could not afford anything and did not want to leave. In fact...they were obviously very close...

The most awkward thing was that they had all thought that Miss Zhuang loved the clothes in their shop. They even complimented her charisma and her eye for fashion. At last, she did not even like the clothes in their shop, but had only bought them to give them away?

The person who was most shocked had to be Ning Xueluo.

Since when had Ning Xi gotten acquainted with someone like Zhuang Keer?

When she knew Zhuang Lingyu's family background, she had long wanted to thread the connection with the Zhuang family. In fact, she thought that Zhuang Keer, who was the same age as her, would be the best person to do this. Sadly, the two of their identities were still too distant, so it was too hard to find a suitable opportunity to befriend her.

Today, she had unexpectedly bump into Zhuang Keer visiting her own store, it was an extremely good opportunity from the gods. Who would have known that it would have turned out this way, turning around to hit her on the head...?

"Xiao Xi...what's wrong?" Zhuang Keer was actually rather attentive and sensitive. She felt like she had detected something and asked worriedly, "Did I...did I misunderstand? Do you not like this brand's clothes?"

Ning Xi did not want to lie to her, so she nodded and just said, "Mmm, indeed I don't."

When she heard this, Ning Xueluo almost gritted her teeth into powder!

Damn it, this witch was doing this on purpose!

How dare she slander History in front of Zhuang Keer!? Why was she so stubborn? If she did not like them, why had she come and looked around for so long?

If Ning Xi's words had been more tactful, she could still try to cover up and then use this opportunity to befriend Zhuang Keer, then she would not mind giving Ning Xi as many clothes as she wanted.

In the end, this witch Ning Xi had unexpectedly said this instead...

Hmm, this witch thinks that she had struck her sensitive spot, but did she not know that such a harsh rejection was practically ridding Zhuang Keer of her face before so many people?

For an arrogant lady such as Zhuang Keer, even if she was close to you, how could she tolerate Ning Xi's wanton and rude action!?

"Ah, is that so...I thought you liked them..." The sparkle in Zhuang Keer's eyes dimmed quite a bit.

When Ning Xi saw the helpless girl, her eyes were filled with closeness and sincere liking, she slowly said, "Well, I initially didn't like them, but..."

"But...what?" Zhuang Keer looked nervous.

Ning Xi took over one of the bags from Zhuang Keer, then naturally held out her hand and turned towards her, revealing a loving smile to say, "But love for a person extends even to the crows on their roof."

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