Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 886

"That doesn't matter. Most importantly, you like it! Let's go shop there!" Zhuang Keer enthusiastically said.

"There's no need to buy," said Ning Xi.

"Ah? Why!? Actually, you don't have to worry too much. You saved my grandfather, so my family and I are very grateful to you. However, to just give you money would be too disrespectful, so I'm just doing my best to help you..."

Ning Xi gently looked at her. "I understand where you're coming from, and I've said before that it was only a slight effort, so you really don't have to do so much for me. I'd actually feel really pressured if you keep treating me like a savior. I only want to befriend you because I think I'm quite happy being with you, and we get along quite well."

"Me too, me too!" Zhuang Keer nodded gleefully. "So, just treat this as a present from a friend!"

Ning Xi laughed. "There's really no need, 'Spirit' is my brand."

"Ah! Really?" Zhuang Keer was surprised.


Ning Xi and Zhuang Keer chatted and shopped as though they had endless things to talk about. Without realizing it, evening had arrived and the two found a place to stop for dinner.

Zhuang Keer's eyes were filled with yearning as she listened to Ning Xi's interesting stories from her time abroad as well as the ingenious opportunities when building Spirit Studio. "Xiao Xi, I'm so jealous of you. You can live so freely, wonderfully, and meet so many interesting people and things. You have someone that you like, plus a dream and a goal that you're working hard towards, living every day of your life to the fullest..."

Ning Xi never would have thought that the day she was envied of would come. "Talking about jealousy, shouldn't you be the one everyone's jealous of?"

Even though she was making her way towards the light today, she had once faced darkness and hopelessness in the past.

Zhuang Keer laughed wryly. "Right, I have everything, and I can easily get anything I want, but everything I've done since I was young was to follow the wishes of my family. Neither do I even know what I really want, nor do I have anything I especially want to do. Everything I do must be rid of selfishness first and prioritise my family's honor...isn't this a kind of sorrow too?"

"Everyone has their own troubles, even the world's richest person! Only those who drink the water would know its temperature!" Ning Xi quoted and could not help but think about Zhuang Rongguang.

She suddenly realized that Zhuang Keer and Zhuang Rongguang were two polar opposites. Zhuang Keer had completely surrendered to the arrangements of her family and been trained to become the most perfect ladylike socialite, while Rongguang had thoroughly rebelled and done the complete of his family wishes, growing up in the most unruly manner...


When they were done with dinner, Ning Xi brought Zhuang Keer to the arcade. It was hard to imagine that it was Zhuang Keer's first time in the arcade. Everything was new and interesting to her.

"Husband, I want that long-eared bunny!"

"Okay, wait for me, I'll help you get it! I'm not lying, I am indeed a claw machine expert!"

"Husband, you're amazing! Go, husband!"


"What are they doing?" Zhuang Keer looked curiously at the row of glass shelves which were filled with all sorts of cute stuffed toys. In front of one of it, a man had put in a few coins, then he started to focus on clicking the red button on it.

"Claw a stuffed toy. Each attempt costs one coin. Want to play?" Ning Xi asked.

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