Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 888

"Whoa!!! Sis, you're way too cool! What is the likelihood of this happening?!"

"Master! Please take me in! Can you teach me how you did it?"

"I want to learn too! After I learn this, I don't have to worry about picking up girls anymore!"


"Go home and finish your homework, alright? You've not even reached puberty and here you are, thinking about getting girls!" Ning Xi helped Zhuang Keer with a few of the stuffed toys, then grabbed her hand to walk away.

Zhuang Keer watched Ning Xi with a glowing expression, practically worshipping her at this point. Behind them, a few boys were mumbling, "So what if we haven't reached puberty? Is it that great that you as a girl are so good at getting girls?"

"Give us men a chance!"


After they left the arcade, Zhuang Keer held the bag of stuffed animals that Ning Xi had clawed in satisfaction. She was so excited that her little face had turned red.

"Xiao Xi, I'm really happy today!"

"Me too!"

"Can we go out together again?" Zhuang Keer asked in anticipation.

"Of course, we can."

"Awesome!" Zhuang Keer was clearly overjoyed and already looking forward to the next outing.

As the two walked along the road, Zhuang Keer stole a look at Ning Xi again and again.

"What is it?" Ning Xi asked.

Zhuang Keer quickly shook her head, but her face had suddenly turned increasingly scarlet. Ning Xi was curious to know what thoughts were running through her mind.

Ning Xi laughed. "Just say it already! We're friends, aren't we?"

"I..." Zhuang Keer hesitated further before she finally stopped walking and said, "Xiao...Xiao Xi...I have a favor to ask!"

"Tell me, I'll do it as long as I can," Ning Xi answered her frankly.

Zhuang Keer asked with wavering eyes that reflected the moonlight above them, "Can I see my dream guy?"

Ning Xi was speechless by what she just heard, her brows raised in obvious shock.

See her dream guy?

Was Zhuang Keer trying to say that she wants to see her in her male disguise?


It was not difficult for her to dress in her male disguise...

However, if that vinegar tank, Lu Tingxiao, ever found out, she would need a lot of effort to coax him again.

When she saw that Ning Xi did not reply immediately, Zhuang Keer quickly apologized, "I"m...I'm sorry! I know that my request is too random! Just pretend I didn't say anything!"

Ning Xi contemplated for a while, then nonchalantly said to Zhuang Keer, "It's not too random. Of course, you can! In fact, you should have many chances of seeing your dream guy in the future!"

Ning Xi said in a playful tone.

"W...what? Many chances?" Zhuang Keer did not quite understand what she meant.

"I've just recently accepted a role, and it's as a girl who disguises as a man," answered Ning Xi.

"Ah! Really?!" Zhuang Keer shrieked, feeling so excited that she did not care about her ladylike demeanor.

"Shhh, this is a secret, you can't tell anyone else."

"Mmm, I won't!" Zhuang Keer quickly promised.

"Wait till I start shooting. I can tell the director that you're my friend, so you can visit me on set. As long as it doesn't affect the shoot and you don't reveal any of the contents, it shouldn't be much of a problem!"

Zhuang Keer was practically bouncing. "Really?! That's so awesome! I'll definitely not affect the shoot or reveal anything! Actually, I've been very curious to see how movies are shot..."

When she saw Zhuang Keer's happy face, Ning Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

Such an arrangement that was not a one-on-one meet up should not anger the devil...Sigh, she had really used up all her brain juice for this...

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