Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 889

"Xiao Xi, thank you! Thank you so much! I really like you so much!" Zhuang Keer turned around and hugged her tightly. There was nothing more delightful than being hugged by such a cute girl, so Ning Xi smiled and replied, "I like you too!"

At this moment, a car's headlights shone their way. A black Maybach slowly rolled to a stop beside the two of them. The door opened, and a pair of lean legs stepped out...

The cold Lu Tingxiao had caught them off guard and appeared before them.

At that instant, Ning Xi almost knelt onto her knees. Jesus! Was God playing a trick on her? Why was history repeating itself?!

Ning Xi quickly let go of Zhuang Keer. "Lu Tingxiao...why are you here?"

Lu Tingxiao then replied with a gloomy expression, "To pick you up."

Ning Xi instantly remembered what Lu Tingxiao had said to her yesterday. He had told her that she could meet her, but not cross the line with any actions...

Well, this is just great! She had completely gone back on her own guarantee.

"I thought I could send you home..." When Zhuang Keer saw Lu Tingxiao, she was obviously unhappy.

She felt that Lu Tingxiao did not suit Xiao Xi at all. He was like a cold and hard rock with that frightening expression all the time too. Poor Xiao Xi!

Could it be that Xiao Xi was forced...?

The more Zhuang Keer thought about it, the more she began to worry. She evaded Lu Tingxiao and pulled Ning Xi to the side and asked in a lowered voice, "Xiao Xi, don't be afraid of him. If he bullies you, you must tell me! Don't shrink away or force yourself! Even though I don't have any way of going against him myself, I can let my father and grandfather help!"

Ning Xi looked at Zhuang Keer gratefully, then turned to look the devil who was staring at her and Zhuang Keer whispering together with a stiff and frightening expression on his face.

Pfft! With that face of his, it was no wonder that Zhuang Keer would suspect that she was being bullied...

Though, the truth was that he had been indulging and pampering her all along to the point of no return.

"Keer, thank you, but don't worry. He won't bully me. In fact, I love him very much, and neither am I wronged, nor do I feel forced. I am wholeheartedly willing to be with him."

When Lu Tingxiao heard those words, his unhappiness due to the fact that his wife was being snatched immediately changed into a startled expression.

This was the first time...the first time he had heard such words from Ning Xi...

She said that she loved him...

This joy was truly unexpected...

Zhuang Keer had initially found it hard to understand. She felt that Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi did not fit at all. However, at that moment as she watched Ning Xi's extremely serious expression and the warmth radiating from her eyes as she looked past her to Lu Tingxiao, she suddenly believed that the two of them truly loved each other.

"I'm leaving now, let's hang out again next time. Drive safe," Ning Xi bade farewell to Zhuang Keer.

Zhuang Keer waved reluctantly. "Mmm, okay...ah..."

As they spoke, the bag filled with Zhuang Keer's stuff toys had tore and the toys started to roll out.

Lu Tingxiao bent down and picked up a bunny. "What are...these?"

Zhuang Keer swept all the toys into her embrace and said proudly, "The stuffed toys Xiao Xi helped me claw! Xiao Xi is amazing, she caught all 12 at once!"

"You can't, have this one," Lu Tingxiao stated as he unexpectedly took the bunny for himself with no intentions of returning it.

Zhuang Keer stomped angrily. "Hey! That's mine!"

Lu Tingxiao held on to the bunny with a poker face. "No, it's mine."

Ning Xi buried her face in her hand helplessly. Devil, could you be any more immature...?

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